Canberra to Pinch River, Barry Way Week 4 - July 19th 2010
Canberra through Namadji NP, Adaminaby, Jindabyne, to Pinch River on Barry Way

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Orroral Valley. Granite tors on the hills. The valley was a homestead prior to becoming part of Namadji National Park.

Also former home for space tracking stations and a geodesic observatory.

Beautiful day for a walk but cold enough at night to freeze the sink drain at the tank.

Eastern grey kangaroos.

Lots of them.

And some more.

We have gazillions of photos of kangaroos in myriads of poses. The valley was full of them and the light was beautiful.

And a wombat visited us at Honeysuckle Camp Site.
Driving South through the park we spotted a bit of snow in the distance. Just confirmed what we knew already ... its cold.

Had to add a bit of insulation to a drain that we'd missed. Couldn't use the sink until it had thawed out.

From Mt Clear at the Southern end of Namadji Nat. Park.

An early morning walk.

On the left and foreground is metamorphosed sediments from 475 million years ago.

On the right and distance is coarse granite from about 410 million years ago.

Before you ask ... there's a little sign. Just that we had to walk a bit from the road South through Namadji to find it.

Murrumbidgee River from Yaouk bridge.

There's something fascinating for us about the distance (and obstacles) the water from the dividing range travels to reach the sea ... somewhere near Adelaide.

Topical as the debate on Murray-Darling basin irrigation has hotted up with the publication of draft guidelines for water use.

Lake Adaminaby. Part of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Scheme. Snow (skiing) country of Mt Kosciuzko in the distance.
Down the Barry Way from Adaminaby (NSW) to Buchan (Vic).

Not too steep gravel road, a bit dusty, lots of corners. And a tour bus that appears from nowhere in the middle of the road.

A few days following the Snowy River.

Nine Mile Trail is a steep fire trail that starts from where Pinch River meets the Snowy River.

A "bit of a grunt" to walk up but the view improved with every step.

Lots of camping at Pinch River, with only us camping. So we stayed for a few days.

Snowy River from the ridge NW of where Pinch River enters.

Walking up the ridge met a couple of wild horses which had made convenient tracks. Not sure who was more surprised.

Snowy River, just North of where Pinch River enters.

Too cold for swimming, but nice walking. Reeds made it a bit difficult to get close to the river in most parts.

Pinch River to Lake Tyers Week 5 - July 26th 2010