Wilsons Promontory to Cuppa and Mrs T's Country Retreat Week 6 - August 2nd 2010
Bairnsdale, via Wilsons Promontory to Cuppa and Mrs T's near Traralgon.

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Really bad weather on its way so we headed to Wilsons Promontory (National Park).

Turned out to be a good move as the cold fronts spent most of their energy further North. We just got a bit of wind and a few short showers.

About an hour after we arrived we happened upon a friendly Swamp Wallaby.

30 years since Julian was here. Lots more tracks, and now 480 camp sites. Very few occupied at this time of year.

This view of Mt Oberon captivated us. Spent an hour or so watching as the sun went down.

Then ran back to the truck to turn the heater on.

Walked South from Tidal River (campsite / village).
The track crossed a couple of smaller beaches. Dunes of yellowish sand between the rocky ridges.

Lots of large cuttlefish remains tossed up.

Same beach after we'd crossed it.

Yes, you guessed. That ridge is granite, just like the rest of "the Prom".

Used to be part of the land bridge to Tasmania before the sea level rose. Very different (much coarser) than the granite we saw in Northern NSW.

Tidal River (all the buildings and campsites) is nestled in the dunes with Mt Oberon in the background.
We figured this was a Wombat. Perhaps old and light grey (so we felt at home).

Didn't get any closer due to the creek and it looked far too comfortable to disturb.

We haven't figured out if its a different sort of wombat or just a trick of the light.

Lichen and other colourful things.

The Prom has seen extensive bush fires in the last few years and at times the landscape appeared quite barren.

Looking out to sea from the Southern end of Tidal River beach. We enjoyed watching the light change on the islands.
Us! Somewhere in the middle of several hours walking.

The down jacket was a $50 special from Aldi in Canberra. Ali takes more steps so wasn't feeling the cold and isn't wearing hers.

Shorts for walking is a Kiwi thing.

Overlooking Tidal River to the North.

Something special about seascapes.

Also looking North over Tidal River. This time from the top of Mt Oberon and a day later.

An addition to Mt Oberon in the last 30 years is the Mobile Phone tower. Thus we had internet and did lots of catchup in between the walking.

Catchup included phone call to friend in UK. Tim and Julian had been at the prom together 30 years ago.

Had to leave the Prom sometime, and the weather had settled, so we headed to Cuppa and Mrs T's country retreat (well known CMCA Forumites).

A thoroughly enjoyable few days.

It seems we picked the best of the weather to be there.

More of the retreat. Looking vaguely towards the Latrobe Valley and Traralgon (how does anyone pronounce that let alone spell it?).
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