Wentworth, Mungo National Park, Menindee Lakes Week 10 - August 30th 2010
Wentworth to Menindee Lakes via Mungo NP

Hema 7 P32

The junction of the Darling and the Murray at Wentworth.

There's a weir just downstream. The flooding hasn't reached here yet though there is more water in the Murray than the Darling so its probably flowing backwards.

Perry Sandhills to the West of Wentworth. The sand is still moving. Slowly covering this tree (but not Ali).
The photograph everyone takes at Wentorth Jail.

Yes, I did let Ali out!

Lake Mungo (Mungo National Park) is part of the Willandra Lakes system.

The sand dune on the horizon (wall of China) is a lunette.

The lunette has grown in layers as the water level rose and fell.

Then it was eroded.

Sorry. Lots of photos of erosion. We liked it.
And another one!
The clouds helped with the colours.
And again.
Yet again.

What else can we say. The pictures speak for themselves.

Still more.
A bit later.
Vigars Wells is a closed well outside the North East of Lake Mungo. It was a rest stop for stage coaches.

Outback public transport was much more extensive than now. We can only think travelling must have been tough.

Walking over the dunes inside the lake were some Emus.

Mallee Ringneck at Mungo
Crossing Garnpung Lake.

From Lake Mungo travelling North is Lake Leaghur then Garnpung Lake. Both are part of the same system, bounded by lunettes to the NE.

Hard to describe but the low scrubby vegetation was fascinating and endlessly changing.

North of Pooncarrie on the West bank of the Darling.

The Darling has clay banks rather than the sand of the Murray. Almost no flow and no sunshine so very uninviting.

The woolshed at Kinchega (Kinchega National Park which contains Menindee Lakes).

This part of the Darling seems to have several "biggest woolshed"s.

We stopped on this stretch of the Darling in Kinchega National Park just a few km from Menindee.

It rained and we decided to stay put for a few days. The ranger closed the park but let us stay.

Broken Hill and Mutawintji Week 11 - September 6th 2010