Blue Water Holes to Home Week 22 - November 22nd 2010
More limestone.

This is Clark Gorge in the North of Koziuscko National Park. We figured it would be possible to walk through to Namadji National Park but decided to give it a miss.

Blue skies and limestone.
Looking back up the creek. We did a bit of bush bashing to get above the waterfall and look further East.
Lots of these around. Haven't a clue what they are. Very nice.
Above Nicole Gorge were open plains, creeks, and sink holes.
This sink hole had a creek flowing into it. We are not particularly ambitious speleologists.
Clark Gorge again, from the road we had to walk down for a bit from Nicole Gorge walk.
Took the opportunity to watch ranger on quad bike through what was almost too deep water.
Ranger had broken up some salt blocks to carry into the horses. The 'roos liked it.
Strange lighting, right at the end of the day, on Clark Gorge.
After a day travelling further North on Long Plain Road, through Brindabella, we headed round to Canberra. Stopped at Gibraltar Falls.
On the way North from Canberra we noticed that the right hand spare wheel mount had cracked. This is the first time we'd used the winch in anger. It worked. 
And the cracked mount. Could have been serious. When rebuilt it will have safety wire rope "just in case" as well as anti-theft.

It was raining, and looked like no letup. We put the wheel inside the truck and decided to head for home.

Interesting end to a wonderful trip.

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