Au Nang, Thailand Week 2 3rd - 4th May 2011
As we approached Krabi it looked more and more impenetrable. Big, and messy.

We eventually found our way to the pier, turned back, and headed into a "resort". We'd been getting a general feeling that resort covered all manner of accommodation. This one was a bit up market for us but reception did mention Ao Nang and provided some basic directions.

When we got to Au Nang (after a couple of detours) we tried a sea front "resort" but couldn't fit the truck in though the price was sort of ok at 300 bht for two nights. The second place we tried was set back a bit, and the price was a very reasonable "no charge". Tip Anda Cottages, at the Southern end of the beach. This was the beach looking North after we ate on our first night there.

Krabi has lots of holiday accommodation of all sizes and shapes. Situated at the Southern end of Phang Nga Bay there are also boat trips to the islands of the bay.

We shelled out 450 bht each for a 9am to 2pm trip to "4 beaches".

We were picked up about 08:40, transport was provided, and dropped off about 4pm. We thought we got our money's worth. 

Our 20 or so fellow tourists were predominantly from Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangkok with a couple of miscellaneous Europeans and Americans. We suspect a bit different to Phuket.

First stop was for some swimming.

Although there were other boats around it didn't seem crowded.

Mask and snorkel were provided - good quality and a good fit. Otherwise makes snorkeling very uncomfortable.

While I was looking for a weight belt to keep me down most were donning life jackets!

The sand was very white. The fish colourful.

Our boat was a long tail, with a wooden cabin.

The captain rested in a hammock at the stern while we got on with the hard work of snorkeling and swimming.

We met the Englishman who had hired this boat for a few days of living on it.

Apart from that it was parked next to a spectacular limestone formation.

Poda Island had a few Macaque Monkeys.

There were the usual signs about not feeding them and how unpredictable they can be. Ignored by some of the tour operators ......

Lunch was provided. Rice with a fried egg on top and some spicy stuff with meat in it plus a large bottle of cold water. Very nice and filled a gap.

I decided the limestone formation was much enhanced with the addition of Ali.

We don't make for good tourists in the conventional sense but we were warming to the occasion.

This just seemed to capture the calmness and tranquility of it all, despite the tourists.
The day was helped along with the very enthusiastic "guide".

At the last beach we had a choice of going for a swim or looking through a cave.

He'd warned us we had to paddle. This is yet another of the many photographs of Ali up to her armpits in water. The difference here of course is that its warm and rather pleasant. Not like some of the places we've been.

The beach had a resort behind it.

This notice, pleasantly asking people to respect the privacy, seemed in some way typical of the culture. Certainly different to the somewhat more blunt approach of an Aus "keep out".

The islands from that same beach.
And a much enhanced view of the same formation!
Khao Sam Roy Yat National Park, Thailand Week 2 6th - 7th May 2011