Kratie to Stung Treng along the Mekong   Week 6 30th May 2011
  The road from Sambok Mountain runs alongside the Mekong.

Its barely 2 lanes wide, but is sealed.

Maximum speed was about 40 km/hr. A bit bumpy.

A few glimpses of the Mekong.
We pulled off into a car park (signposted car park).

It is supposedly used as a base for boat trips to one of the islands where Irrawaddy Dolphins can be seen.

Unfortunately only the signs were there, no people.

The river is heavily braded in this area. The islands are sand.
Its a wide river. We don't know how deep.

There is considerable flow, even though we are just at the beginning of the wet season.

A boat ready for use.
At Stung Treng this tributary enters the Mekong.

There are three largish rivers (Srepok, San and Kong) which meet to form this river, shortly before it enters the Mekong.

We are pleased to see the new bridge.

Once we got away from the Mekong and joined the main highway North we managed speeds up to 70 km/hr.

Very little traffic, most of the transport is probably still via the river.

The confluence, with the Mekong in the distance.

This ferry, a pontoon pushed by a tug, crosses the Mekong.

In Stung Treng we went for a walk and got caught in rain for an hour or so.

We happened to shelter next to the local dentist.

Probably the first time I've successfully photographed rain.

This statue of a deer in the center island of a dual carriageway.

The more observant among you will notice the overhead cables where they apparently enter the metfone building.

Its really a facade which was built after the cables.

The cables continue on the other side.

Obvious thought given to maintenance.

Motorbiking in the rain is not a problem.
We stayed the night at the Mekong Guest House Restaurant.

A wonderfully flat car park.

Its quite elegant inside though we couldn't find the restaurant.

The concrete walls have broken glass on the top, there's a largish gate, and floodlights.

Ali felt safer, I wondered why.

Tomorrow we drive the last 50km to the Laos border. A bit sad to leave Cambodia as we feel we have settled in well and thoroughly enjoyed the country and the people.

Not sure what internet and mobile phone will be like in Laos.

Stung Treng, Cambodia to Paksong, Laos Week 6 31st May - 1st June 2011