Towards Vang Vieng, Laos Week 7 8th - 10th June 2011
We left Kong Lor as we found it.

Very little traffic. People preparing for a day in the fields.

Its school holidays as the rainy season approaches and its harder to travel to school.

Phou Pha Mane. About 37km from route 13 (main road North) towards Laksao.
The viewpoint was provided by the hydro company.

There's probably all sorts of fascinating gorges and vegetation hidden away.

And it was in every direction we looked.
And still more.
We stopped at a petrol station about 80km South of Vientiane.

This charcoal kiln was out the back.

This precocious young lady served petrol and generally looked after things.

Very bright. Kept us entertained.

In the background are the living quarters. One room with roller doors on two sides and a tiled floor.

The petrol station was unfinished.

This gang of workers were erecting signage.

There's a sheet of Dibond on the bench. The black powder is from cutting it with a jigsaw.

The guy with the safety feet was how the work was clamped.

They were fed by the station operator, sat around the food on the tiled floor.

We'd unfortunately eaten otherwise we'd have joined them.

More rice fields and willing (?) workers.

The dense bright green rice is seedlings ready to be transplanted to a less dense field.


We saw lots for sale.

The road into Vientiane (capital) from the South.

Surprisingly good lane discipline and even indicators to change lane.

Nevertheless, for some reason the driving here was quite stressful.

We stopped in the center of Vientiane. A good car park next to the Victory Gate.

The gentleman in the uniform was from the Tourist Police and very curious.


The Victory Gate.

It seemed to be a place to visit for local tourists.

Started in 1962 it is incomplete. Interrupted by war and other challenges.

We climbed to the top of the Victory Gate.

Walked as far as the eye could see towards the river (about 1km to a T junction).

ANZ Bank didn't have any Yuan. Nor did any other bank.

So much for "plan A". Got some more US$. We'll probably brave the money changers at the border.

Patuxay Park. Patuxay is the other name for the Victory Gate.
The Mekong can be seen in the distance.
Souvenirs for three floors of the Victory Gate.

Our daughter Rachael has asked if we've seen any "same same" t-shirts.

Yes, but nobody wearing them.....

There were many photographers offering instant photos of non-Western tourists

Having taken the photos they rushed back to their print shop (in the back of a car).

The local Supa-Cheap Auto Spares in Vientiane.

We'd stopped to ask directions and there it was.

Some of you may remember that we got stuck in the first week of the test run in Aus last June. One of the complications was the engine cut out after about a half hour ticking over.

We put it down to being on a hill and the pick up pipe not long enough.

Well the problem has got worse over time. Quite rapidly in the last month. At times we now only get about 100km from a full tank before it starts playing up. Though a change to the other tank then back gives us another 100km. etc.

I'd brought some new flecible fuel pipe from Brisbane. But it was the wrong size.

The auto parts shop in Vientiane had a better selection of pipe than I've seen in Brisbane.

More about the fuel problem later.

Nam Ngum Lake.

Its a 1970's hydro scheme that supplies Vientiane with some leftover for Thailand.

The sun was setting behind us.
We were parked in a Longnum Guest House car park.

Dinner in the guest house.

Just another random photo with the sun setting.
And of course it was quite different the next morning.
This is also the Nam Ngum River, but another hundred km further North. Before it gets to the dam lake.

There's a bit of a spillway which provides a fishing spot.

And then we arrived in Veng Viang.

Backpacker heaven.

We turned down here looking for a riverside guest house with parking.

But it got narrower and narrower.

Veag Vieng and Onwards to Phonsavan, Laos Week 7 11th - 12th June 2011

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