Hani Rice Terraces to Jian Shu, Yunnan, China Week 9 22nd June 2011
This was the gate to one end of the car park we stopped the night in.

An amazing contraption that concertinas into its little house..

Complete with flashing leds.

We walked at least 25m to see sunrise over the terraces.

Unfortunately there was a bit of cloud.

On the way back down the mountain (all 30km downhill) we passed through the old town of Yuan Yong again.
The local butcher was open this morning.
The road is made of bricks. Many km of it.

Its also the only available space for storing building materials.

We visited the Hani folk village at Qing Kou.

This young lady collected the money.

And used the machine to count the money - a single note which went through the machine twice.

The dung of the water buffalo was collected and apparently used to fertilise fields.

We later saw a small field being dug and fertiliser being added.

There was a small museum in the village.

A bit of a history of the Hani, a few implements, and a fashion show of their costumes.

And a walk through the terraces.
An old water wheel.

The stone building style has given way to bricks and cement.

The water wheel drove a rice mill.
This see-saw contraption is for pounding rice.

I first saw similar in a Khomintang refugee village in Northern Thailand about 30 years ago.

Definitely a step up from a purely manual operation.

The old and the new.

Mud bricks and thatched roof surrounded by bricks, concrete and aluminium windows.

This was quite a way away from us across the terraces.

There was a powerline to it, and barbed wire fence around it.

Some sort of controller on one of the poles.

It looked like a hi-tech experiment in germinating rice seedlings.

A quiet street.
Excess building material being removed.
Through the new town of Yuan Yong at the bottom of the hill. Named the same as the old town at the top of the hill.

The gentleman in the middle is about to smoke a cigarette.

Through the oversize pipe.

We headed towards the Swallow Cave at Jian Shu. A bit of rain upset the photography.

Jian Shu, Yunnan, China Week 9 24th June 2011

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