Lake Yi Long, Shi Ping, Yunnan, China Week 9 25th June 2011
Leaving Jian Shi was as interesting as arriving though we didn't have to do any u-turns this time.

This is a rather busy Garmin with a thin pink line showing us the route.

Its all in Chinese so we haven't figured out how to configure it yet.

Lake Yi Long is all about growing Lotus plants.

There was enough sun for the flowers to be open.

Also a seed pod.

Lake, floating fish restaurants, and lotus plants.
Hard to get tired of them.
We went for a short boat ride, the breeze curling up the leaves.
Opening a seed pod. Each of those seeds has an outer case to remove and the bit in the middle is eaten.

Rather sweet, a bit like the texture of a pea.

The roots, stems, petals, leaves, seed pods, are all edible. Probably easiest to say all.

Its taken us all the way from Cambodia to find out how to eat the seeds that were on sale at the side of the road.

And the leftovers of lotus seed eating and some nuts we had with us.
Here is the expert at removing the seeds (and selling them).
We also received a Lotus flower each on the boat ride.
Susanna entertained us with some of Confucius sayings.
More lotus flowers.

The hills are a bit hidden by haze. Something we'll probably have to get used to.

We think he was cutting leaves.

He's actually stood in a boat, one pole is used for punting, the other has a sharp blade on the end.

We went for a walk along the lake edge for a couple of hours.

This gang was cutting reeds for cattle feed.

Just another pretty flower.
Agriculture looked like market gardening to us.

The arch was for tomatoes in this case. The same technique seemed to be used for bitter melons.

There are birds in China.

A water bird among the lotus plants.

Needed Susanna to work out what was growing.

Just about everything including potatoes, peppers, corn, even stone fruit along the edges.

Back breaking work though.
Ali's birthday tea!

Fish. Fresh from the lake (still alive when we first saw it).

One dish of boneless fish and the rest in a soup.

The dish nearest the camera is made from the stalks of lotus plants. A bit sweet, very tasty.

The restaurant is a boat.
Our after dinner stroll saw the light change.

These are the restaurants.

Our campsite in the car park for the restaurants.

Filled up with water from the offices about 50m away.

Drive to Dali, Yunnan, China Week 10 26th - 28th June 2011

Sharon Sun, 26 Jun 11 20:17:21 +1000
Happy Birthday Ali, from Sharon and Owen in Canberra

Jennifer Fri, 01 Jul 11 22:20:31 +1000
Happy Birthday Mum!! (again!)
- Jennifer

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