Dong Chuan (Red Earth), Yunnan, China Week 11 9th July 2011
This part of Yunnan at least seems to be more populated than where we've been.

Or at least the road is an improvement.

We tried a bit more expressway.


Surprise ....

Just like expressways anywhere. Higher speeds, infrequent junctions, and bridges.

Also very little traffic.
But lots of toll gates.

This was a bit of a search, but we weren't sure what for or who by.

We weren't searched.

There are still mountains and the expressway did a smooth up and through.
Then down to the valley floor again.

The railway line is on the other side.

Presumably the main Chengdu Kunming line as we are headed towards Chengdu in Sichuan.

But then we left the expressway and took a minor road up the side of the valley and eventually followed this ridge.
We helped thresh some grain along the way.

We hoped we got it right and drove over it.

Dong Chuan is for photographers.

Like red earth anywhere it can be stunning in the right light.

For us it was dull and overcast.

The Dong Chuan area is heavily cultivated with smallish (to us) fields.

A patchwork of different greens among the red background.

We did the photographer's pilgrimmage thing and walked a couple of km to one of the photo spots.

We needed the exercise, our map wasn't very good, but there were some Chinese photographers there before us.

There were also some pine trees with new growth.

The area is at an altitude of about 2900 m.

We did get a bit of hazy sun.

The mountains in the distance are on the other side of the valley with the expressway.

Hazy because of low cloud and the pollution we are beginning to see more of.

Did I mention that we like hay stacks.
Not sure what the light green crop is.
The flowers in the foreground are .... wait for it .....


White and purple.

Lots of potatoes being grown.
We camped in a guest house car park.

Ate at their restaurant.

Apologies were offered for not having new potatoes, only old ones. For some reason we were surprised at the thought.

Presumably the climate at 2900m and the soil are good for gourmet potatoes.

We had fried potatoes as one of the veggies with our meal. Tasted good with some spices on them.

Yi Bin and Wuliangye, Sichuan, China Week 12 10th - 11th July 2011

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