Chengdu to Guangwushan, Sichuan, China Week 12 16th - 17th July 2011
On the way out of Chengdu we visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

There were a lot of small notices with (mostly western) philosophical sounding words. Had a quiet chuckle at the missing 4th line. You may read into it what you like ...
All Things Bright and Beautiful,
All Creatures Great and Small,
All Things Wise and Wonderful

Some of the language and sentiments on notice boards had a distinctly american tinge (amglish?) which we so far hadn't been exposed to. The mix of cultures represented seemed confusing, incompatible,  and grated somewhat. 

We were lucky to catch a glimpse of the Giant Pandas.

Most were inside because of the heat.

We should have been too.

But the Red Pandas were allowed out.

All the pandas spend most of the day eating or sleeping.

At this time of day they were sleeping.

We should have been too.

Panda prison.

I guess they were cool in the air conditioning.

Couldn't help thinking it was an odd way to proceed ... to remove the pandas from their habitat then spend years trying to get them to breed.

I suppose it was too hard for mohammed to go to the mountain.

But we did see lots of fish.

And lots of people feeding them.

Heading ever North we chose the expressway to start the 500 km to the next real stop.

This is how to build a high speed railway viaduct. A sort of cantilevered walking crane that moves along from support to support to lift each horizontal beam into position.

All the supports were the standard distance apart, waiting for the standard beam.

How I would have loved to stop and watch for a while ...

But we pressed on.

Once off the expressway we spotted a restaurant with a parking lot and stopped.

Bad move ....

The restaurant was excellent. Just that the main road was unusually busy. All night.

We slept but are a bit tired and grumpy.

But we carried on the remaining 240 km.

Off the expressway. This used to be a bridge but presumably had collapsed and been replaced with a large diameter pipe and some fill.

We entered a largish town.

All sorts of new buildings and tree lined streets.

But wait.

Just beyond here we encountered a sort of red and white striped contraption across the road that looked like a height restriction.

We stopped. Ali walked to the other side to announce that it said "2.7m".

It took us about 10 minutes with the help of a passing policeman to execute a 7 point turn.

Surprisingly, once we'd established our control of the road (no-one could get past) other drivers accepted the inevitable and gave us enough space to turn.

That's no ordinary taxi in front with the hazard lights flashing.

It contains Susanna.

Always wanted to "follow that cab".

Garmin had totally refused to recalculate a route around the center of town.

It was a bit complicated for the cab driver to explain. He didn't want paying.

We headed into the mountains.
Shi Ba Yue Tan is where we stopped going up and started going down.

There is no word for "pass" in Chinese.

We were on our way to Guang Wu Scenic Area

And looking back from the pass.
Further down we met a few hairpin bends.

De rigeur for a day in the hills!

Guang Wu Shan, Sichuan, China Week 13 18th July 2011

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