Jin Shan, Hebei, China Week 15 4th August 2011
From the Stone Village we headed to another mountain. Jin Shan.

This was the view across a reservoir.

Looking forward to a walk in the mountains.

The bottom of the valley is granite.

Above that is sandstone.

Partway up is a colony of Macaque Monkeys.

Ali is hanging on to the railing for a reason.

The low cloud stopped the view of cliffs and valley, but not the vertical drop over the edge. 

The sandstone has horizontal bedding planes and all sorts of different colours.
The top of the mountain is vertical cliffs and bluffs.

This was very narrow steps cut into a bluff. 

We took a slight detour through this cleft.
Amazing place.
After a couple of hours of walking up we started down.

This took a bit of umming and ahing before we took the plunge.

Just around the corner was this hole in the rock.

There was a nice swirl of mist flowing through it from below.

Straight down - we have come to expect that.

The path follows a ridge.

Which ends.

So someone built a suspension bridge.

Those two dead looking trees are surrounded by concrete and used as pillars for the top chain which is anchored in concrete beyond them.

The main support (I think) is wire rope under the deck.

The deck is at least 50mm thick, relatively new, timber.

After the safety inspection it just needed a deep breath and start walking.

Susanna was much braver than I and stopped halfway to look down.

Not much of a view in the haze. 

This bit was easy after the bridge and all the other mountains we've seen.
The cliffs were fascinating.
Whichever way we looked.
At last ....

We've been hearing ciccadas ever since Cambodia and Laos.

Today we finally saw one.

Its about 30mm long.

And very noisy.

It flew away after having its photo taken.

We did see a bit of the surrounding hills on the way down.

The terraces are mostly growing corn.

Back at the car park the policewoman asked if she could look at the truck.

Susanna wasn't sure if it was professional interest or curiosity but said yes anyway.

We soon realised it was curiosity as everyone else who worked in the car park, the tourist buses, or hotel, suddenly materialised and made a large procession to the truck.

They were all very polite and took turns to have a look. 

We ate in the hotel restaurant.

A luxury hotel with no customers except us. And we weren't staying there.

A word on the food - as we've gone further North we've noticed less spice, less rice, more noodles, and occasionally more meat.

We are beginning to yearn for some spicyness.

Qin Huang Ancient Road, Hebei, China Week 15 5th August 2011

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