Ali and Julian Travels Week 41 7th February 2012
The tv news was full of snow bound roads and motorway blockages.

The weather forecast was full of cold air from Siberia meeting moist air from the Atlantic.

The British Isles are cold, damp, dark, snowed under, and miserable.

Meanwhile, Snowdon was naturally picture perfect. Our few days in Anglesey have been well timed. Our return to the mountains perfect.

We occasionally allow ourselves the luxury of "haven't we done well managing the weather". There's an element of understanding, but its mostly luck. 

We've left Sheila and Jim's in Anglesey and are headed east thinking we'll have a last look at the mountains. The weather looked so settled we stopped for a walk.

We've headed up the Miners' Track from Pen Y Pas on the road east of Llanberis.

This is Llyn Llydaw. One of the reservoirs in the area.

Snowdon is the pimple in the distance.

Its called the Miners' Track as it was used by the copper miners.

This is the old crushing house where the copper ore was crushed.

The mine is further up the hill.

Looking back.

We've more or less followed the edge of the lakes.

Ali is talking to some of the many other walkers taking advantage of the unusual weather.

Snowdon is not renowned for weather like this. 

We left the lakeside and started the climb.

The track heads to the saddle, then follows the railway line which comes up from Llanberis to the saddle then runs along the ridge to the summit.

The last lake.

The saddle looks a bit forbidding.

Of course we all recognise the classical cwm shape where the glacier eroded the back of the mountain.

We think this is Llyn Glaslyn. There's another lake below the saddle which we caught a glimpse of when further up the track.

And spelled that way, cwm just has to have come from a land of few vowels!

We took a bit of a shortcut from the Miners Track to the Pyg Track.

The snow was easier where others hadn't trodden. We could kick our own steps.

On the track the many footsteps had compressed the snow which was then a bit slippy.

For a while cloud descended on the summit.

That final lake is just around the corner!

Looking back the Pyg Track is clear to see.

Its our return to the car park.

Magically the summit cleared again.

We've decided not to go there.

But we did go a bit closer, and looked back.
Then forwards.
Then backwards again.

Then headed down.

The Pyg Track heads over and behind the ridge in the middle of the picture. The Miners Track follows the lake edge.

Once on the Llanberis side of the ridge it became cooler, out of the sun.

The passing RAF helicopter ignored us.

The rocks on this side of the valley were a bit slippy in parts. I was a bit slow listening to Ali's "that rock is slippery" and slipped.

I fared ok but the camera took a bash. The screen on the back is now next to useless so its use the viewfinder for taking photos and remember what happens when connecting to the computer. 

Otherwise it seems ok though we'll probably plan a new camera before this one gives up completely.

The lake next to Llanberis in the distance as we returned to the car park.

A nice day out on the snow!

Not sure what but there's something special for us about having traveled all this way and enjoyed a simple walk for a few hours up a snowy hill together. 

We keep reminding ourselves how fortunate we are.

Manchester Week 42 14th February 2012

John & Helen Wed, 15 Feb 12 19:09:04 +1100
Very interested in your travels. How are you locating the historical locations, from iSites, Info centres or following signposts?

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