Great Langdale to Wast Head, Lakes District and Solway Firth Week 46 21st March 2012
We camped in Great Langdale. Rather than go round the valley floors to Little Langdale we decided to drive over the top.
Not too bad. Just lots of 2nd gear until we reached the flat bit.
Then down again.

The sign says 25%. That's 1 in 4.

And at the bottom is a right turn.

Should have taken the slip road to the right. But it wasn't obvious it went anywhere and the exit looked a bit rough.

A couple of shunts and we were round.

We think this approximates to what the Chinese meant when they described the road as "difficult". 

Though at least this is sealed and realtively smooth all the way. The Chinese would have to have added "potholes, humps, rough and unsealed surfaces with river crossings". 

We went up Wrynose Pass fairly easily.

Stopped at the top for a look back at Little Langdale.

And the obligatory "we wus here" photo of Tardis.
The road down from Wrynose was fairly straightforward.

Not too steep. Just a few corners.

Then up Hardknott Pass.
And down.

This murky photograph is all that remains of what may have been our nemesis.

The corner is cleverly designed to be steep and sharp. We approached it in first gear, knowing we wouldn't get round in one swing. Then a little bit of reverse (up the steep bit). Then successfully round.

This is the bend I recall from many years ago - waiting for someone in one of the new front wheel drive Morris 1100s of the time fail to climb up it in the wet.

The rest of the down was easy.
Looking back at the descent from Hardknott Pass.
We stopped for a look at the remains of a the Hardknott Pass Roman Fort.

The walls are just visible on the right.

Worked stone for the facing of the walls.

Quite an undertaking for 500 soldiers in the 2nd century AD.

The reign of Hadrian.

The Praesidium.

Home of the commander.

There's a guard tower at each corner.

Set at an angle.

An attacker's eye view of the 2m high walls.
Eskdale. From the front door!

We'll follow the valley almost to the sea.

Another we wus here.

Us and the sheep.

Hardknott Pass in the background.

We've seen a few stone buildings with stone window frames.

These frames are sandstone.


Scafell (England's highest mountain) is on the right at the end.

A hint of Scafell.

The track follows the ghyll.

Campsite for the night in the National Trust campground.
We'd planned a couple of days and a good walk.

This Atlas Copco generator set was strategically placed so it was audible from all points in the campground.

Either by design or poor maintenance it didn't sort of throb gently in the background. There was a spasmodic thump.

Noise is funny stuff. I had a sleepless night so we decided to move on.

Interesting discussion with camping ground manager who initially said no refund then said there wasn't a problem with the generator.

We left clutching our refund for the second night we'd planned. 

Scafell was still in cloud so it probably wouldn't have been a fruitful walk.

The air was still, the reflections on the lake magic.

We stopped for a largish truck to pass.
Headed to the coast and the Solway Firth, en route to Hadrian's Wall.

This is Gosforth at the seaward end of the Esk.

Further north up the coast we stopped to use the internet to find the next campsite.

Just happened to be near to Sellafield. Of storing nuclear waste fame. We think this is the installation.

We didn't stop for long.

Stopped near the end of the Solway Firth. At the Wheyrigg Hall Hotel.

The caravan and camping club certified sites seem to be reliable and fit our requirements.

Hopefully a good night's sleep. We'll stop for two nights (we definitely don't like moving too fast now).

Maybe fish and chips in the pub tomorrow night. 

Solway Firth and Hadrians Wall, England Week 46 25th March 2012

Lars Petersen Fri, 30 Mar 12 16:56:53 +1100
WOW!!! what a site and what an adventure. You are living the (our) dream. We are a bit off being able to plan such an adventure but it's on our bucket list. People like you are an inspiration I love sharing these sort of sites with my kids to show them there is no such word as 'can't' and just what a wonderful world we live in.

Al (Bro) Sat, 31 Mar 12 04:50:31 +1100
Wrynose and Hardknot are great on a bike. It's funny how all the ups are just after the pub lunch (which usually includes sticky toffee pudding.

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