Blairgowrie, Braemar to Aviemore, Scotland Week 49 10th April 2012
Having done all the "you haven't changed a bit", followed by the hefty bouts of nostalgia, we got to the farewells.

Little sister waiting for train from Dunkeath to Edinburgh and flight back to Isle Of Man.

Big brother bought a motorhome when I wasn't looking!

Different machines, different aims!


The camera battery charger went bung (technical term for broke).

Fortunately managed to raid the circuit from the new camera charger (the camera we lost) and put it inside the case for the old camera charger. All that was different was the shape of the battery. 

Grrrrrrr. What happened to standardisation.

The hotel in the center of Braemar.

The video at the information center seemed to start with the arrival of Queen Victoria at Balmoral (a few km along the road).

Not a lot about the Jacobites and Scottish uprisings.

We stayed in the caravan park while Jennifer and Rachael stayed over the road in the youth hostel.
Jennifer was a bit crook but Rachael and I went for a short stroll up a hill above Braemar.

In the background is Invercauld House.


A very elegant castley sort of building without walls or moat.

Center of the estate. Home of the Laird.

Still some snow about.

Rachael needed to know if it matched her shoes.

Following day we walked up Morrone.

Not one of the Monroes (Scottish mountains over 3000 ft) at only 859m.

Braemar is at 300m so only 500m to climb!

But we still needed the occasional rest.
Watched by a grouse.

We wondered if the name had anything to do with the look!

Nicely camouflaged for the heather.

They normally squawk (to warn the hunter) and fly off (to give the hunter a good shot).

This one just walked around us and gawped (or should it be groused).

Linn of Dee.

Lots of the Scottish Highland names are something of something else.

This is the upper reaches of the river Dee. Flows east to Aberdeen.

Over the top of Morrone, a bit draughty,  and down the other side.
From Braemar we drove the scenic route to Aviemore.

Through the Cairngorms.

Can't remember the name of this castle. Very different to the Norman castles further south in merrie England.

Lunch stop at the top of the pass.
A pleasant surprise.

The Spey Valley Steam Railway.

In Steam.

Loco number 26152. The nameplate on the side says "EV. Cooper Engineer". 

Looked like a 2-6-0 for the steam fans!

And finally another farewell.

The bus stop in Aviemore.

The bus to Edinburgh for Rachael and Jennifer.

They are on their first independent travel trip for the next couple of weeks.

We'll continue our journey, with no firm plans beyond the end of the northern summer.

A sad parting moment after just a few days together.

A bit quiet in the Tardis this night.

Clava Cairns and Achnahard, Scotland Week 49 13th April 2012

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