Eskjo and Skurugatta, Sweden Week 54 14th-15th May 2012
The hotel in Eskjo overlooking the square.
There's an old part to the town in which the houses are still wood.

We didn't catch why but some time after WWII there was a move to demolish wooden buildings and build from brick and concrete.

I can imagine a fire risk.

Some of the buildings have a veneer of cement render to make them look more substantial.

The church is 18th century built on the site of an older, 14th century church.

Looking back at the organ.

Surprised to find a biograph (cinema) still working.

Looking at the street names and descriptions I suspect there were guilds for the various trades.

One of the more obscure (to me) was the bleaching of beeswax to produce white candles. There were also book binding and a tannery.

None of the up market hi tech bicycles that are sold in Aus these are all "sit up and beg" style.

And multi level parking has been invented.

We camped at a Stallplatz. Same concept as the French Aires, just a different name.

This one had an imaginative "dump point".

On the end of the white flexible pipe is a stainless steel receptacle to catch the contents of the motorhome tank.

Much better than trying to drive the vehicle over a hole in the ground.

The contraption in the corner of the fence serves the same purpose for cassettes.

Skurugatta is in a nature reserve near Eskjo.

An 800m long gorge through the granite.

Difficult to know how it was formed. Whether a fault or water erosion.

There's no river in the bottom of it, though water emerges towards the end.

Its partly filled with rubble that's fallen in.

And the same looking back.

A sort of roller coaster walk along the bottom.

White flowers.

We were given a name but promptly forgot it.

They are everywhere.
The Hoglandsleden is a long distance walking track which passes through the reserve.

Skuruhutt is the highest point in this part of Sweden (Smaland) at about 300m.

We crossed it on the way back to Tardis. Spent an undisturbed night in the car park.

Rok and Lake Takern, Sweden Week 54 16th-18th May 2012

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