Orealven River, Sweden Week 55 23rd-27th May 2012
Onward and upward as they say.

Or at least northwards in our case.

Back roads again, around Rattvik and through Furudal.

We aren't sure what the square tower on the right is. Perhaps an old style of silo.

In passing Falun we learned that diversification, as the economic fortunes of the 1000 year old copper mine declined towards its close in 1992, led to the production of "Falun Red" paint.

It seems to be used on most wooden buildings away from the larger towns. 

We've seen quite a few little yellow vans behaving oddly.

They are driven by post persons delivering and collecting mail.

In various countries we've now seen red, light blue, and yellow postal vans.

Perhaps the main reason for our trip has really been to study the world's post office colours.

The River Orealven. At least I think so ... its just Orealven written in blue next to a straggly blue line on the map.

Our road north of Furudal has followed the river.

We stopped at what looked like someone's favourite fishing hole. Level ground, camp fire, and basic loo.


As the relatively straight road met the curves of the river we began to predict where there would be similar accessible fishing spots.

As far as we know there's nothing particularly special about the river. Just one of those nice places to be and the villages are becoming fewer and further between.

And so we found this made to measure campsite.

That's an old camp fireplace beside the Tardis. If it looks like a campsite .... 

Not like an Aussie (or lots of other countries) campsite. There are no cans, bottles, or other unburned things left in the fire. Or any litter anywhere. There's a bit of plastic covering some dry firewood.

We were passed by an empty logging truck on the "main" road. This was off a side road.

I went for a bit of an explore and the driver of a car stopped for a chat.

Another 24 hours before the next car. Nothing the day after.

From our campsite. Its a lake off the river which flows across the far end.

Apart from the obvious attraction of fishing there's lots of evidence of logging.

Walked along the track for a bit to a bridge. This is the river from the bridge. "Our" lake is just off to the left in the distance. There's a tributary coming in from the right.
"Beware of snow scooters".

There are various signs and arrows around the place. Must be a good cross country run for snow scooters.

There are no weight limit signs but the bridge looks a bit light for our truck. There's only one 25mm suspension wire each side holding it up. And we have no need to cross it.

It looks about landcruiser size.

Towards evening the air became calmer.

The water is very clear, though tinged brown from tannins.

The sand is pinkish from the granite.

Possibly eskers, the sandy morraine left from rivers flowing under the glaciers, with flat land between the hills.

After the logging there seems to have been a storm that had a few trees fall over. The roots were in sand with rounded stones.

The north facing side of this hill was covered with mosses and lichens.

But mostly this peculiar (to us) plant.

Its very finely divided and looks a bit like coral. Or to a metallurgist like crystal dendrites.

Its also very dry and brittle. Easily damaged and looks like it takes a long time to grow.

We found a path around the delicate plants to look down on the campsite.
We've needed a stop for quite a few days after the rush through southern Europe.

Time to think.

Just to make sure .... this is a pine. It has two (or more but not in this case) needles from one node.

And this is a fir. It has only one needle from each node.

We're sure that the importance of such vital information will emerge in the fullness of time.

There are also aspens (which reproduce vegetatively, like strawberries with runners) and silver birch trees, which look similar to our untrained eyes.

Day two at our favourite campsite - not since the Altai in Russia have we really felt like stopping and veging out - and a bit more exploring.

Perhaps the weather, max temperature about 25 degrees C, min about 10, helps!

Beyond the bridge is a tributary to "our" river. After two nights we "own" the campsite.

That left side (yes, I know, true right) looks suspiciously man made.

It seems most of the rivers have been used for transporting logs at some time.

With late evening came stillness, and the colours of the setting sun.

Rarely have I been in a place so still for so long. Such a large expanse of still water is unusual to us. To have the camera handy is a bonus.

And at 4am perhaps even calmer, if that were possible. With the colours of the rising sun and a little mist.

Plus the start of a day catching up the blog!

Part of the reason for wanting new spectacles was suffering from an increase in headaches. So far so good. At least manageable.

I've been pondering how the birds know when to be quiet and when to launch forth with the dawn chorus, when the sun hardly sets.

Is there a dawn chorus at the Arctic Circle - or are the birds clever enough to avoid such a place? I wonder if there are birds at all.

The calm lasted well through the morning.

The "storm" arrived in the afternoon .... and lasted at least 15 minutes with three drops of rain and a bit of wind..

But really, just sufficient to be here and marvel.
While Ali did a jigsaw I tackled a bit of maintenance (and took a photo).

The colours on the jigsaw attracted some bees but only one of us was stung .... me! A mad scramble for the Soov that we haven't needed for a year. Experience says put it on as soon as possible .. it works.

A couple of hours to reseat a bit of polyurethane associated with how the sub-frame is attached to the chassis. I haven't a clue how it moved but it did and now its back where it belongs.

Tightened a few bolts and nuts. And checked the springs. Unfortunately the soggy right front spring hasn't magically fixed itself.

After a thorough inspection I concluded that Tardis is in good shape. No more broken tank straps or other miscellaneous stuff.

Decision made. We'll stay another day. I'll fix a minor water leak and do a couple of electrical checks.

We bought a lump of soapy, rubbery, cheese at Lidl in Falun. 

Google to find and translate Lidl Sweden. Store finder to find Falun. gps to find the store. Eyes, and a binary search, to find cheese in the fridge. Whatever happened to asking the way?

Slicing it up to fit in bags to fit in the fridge drawers.

And crisp bread is easier to find than loaves.

Domestic chores, like cleaning the cook top, washing, etc., all done.

Shorts weather again!

Another wander. Along the banks of "our" lake.

Ali reading.

Being Sunday we heard a couple of vehicles on the "main" road, and a car that drove to the bridge and returned.

Monday, and we'll leave it as we found it after our pleasant sojourn.

Hamra and Sanfjellet National Parks, Sweden Week 56 29th-31st May 2012

John Head Tue, 29 May 12 21:59:43 +1000
Still with you now that I have discovered the trick of clicking the refresh icon in my browser.

Doug McKean Thu, 31 May 12 21:20:56 +1000
Great photos and comments Julian (and Ali). Your travels appear to be very relaxing compared to the mad motorway dashes that others make. Best wishes for further tales of tardis.

Doug (in Aust) and Jackie (currently in Wiltshire you know where) getting ready to sing at a Queens's Diamond Jubilee Concert).

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