Ostersund and North, Sweden Week 57 1st-2nd June 2012
A last glimpse of the setting sun from Sanfjellet. Looking towards Norway. Its not far away.
And back down the hill, headed north.
Interesting way of stacking logs. I guess they dry better.

Ali will probably take lots of photos of log stacks - there aren't many hay bales to see.

A different sort of belfry.
We headed into Ostersund for fuel, food, and the Jamti Museum.

I guess there aren't many countries where there's so much timber its economical to carry it by train.

First signs of horticulture that we've noticed.
The Jamti Museum has the original Overhogdals Bonaderma on display.

A Viking era weaving that was discovered around 1909 in the church at Overhogdals (south of Ostersund).

Originally thought to be an embroidered  tapestry its actually a weave.

A technique referred to as snare weave. The weave backtracks to snare some of the weave. In this case forward 6 and back 3.

Very time consuming.

There is some debate as to whether its ornamental or tells a story.

Similar age to the Bayeux Tapestry.

There are also many Viking artefacts on display, plus displays of the Sami and last but one century Sweden.

The sort of loom the weave would have been produced on.

About 2cm per 8 hour day when someone tried recently.

I suspect life was a bit harder in Viking times and the 8 hour day hadn't arrived.

I wonder what the penalty for a mistake was?

For those with a technical bent. Its an upright, warp-weighted loom as used in Scandinavia during the Iron Age.

The warp is kept taught by the stones, and the weft tightened upwards with the batten.

Outside are various era buildings and this Volvo (who else's in Sweden) 4wd.

Apart from comfort I can't imagine why we waste all the space out front with just an engine cover in modern 4wd's.

We could walk around but nothing was open - we are a bit early for the tourist season (thank goodness).

An original transplanted wooden building.

The stairs are outside at the far end.

While we were in the museum we started a trend.

German and Swiss motorhomes.

But no-one about.

Stopped by the roadside north of Ostersund.

We are headed towards the Norwegian border, to Gadede, then north along the border.

We did the now usual trick of telling the gps to take us the shortest route.

I'd been wondering why the house water pump was still chattering occasionally after the small leak I fixed a couple of days ago.

Another leak. The top fitting is the old broken one. It screws onto the exit from the hot water tank.

We had a chuckle about whether it was just good luck that I had a spare.

Must order another one! They are made in the UK but its cheaper to have posted from Oz. What a strange world we live in.

It was also time to shake the doormat.

It was a bit chilly. Ali was wondering where I got the energy to crawl under Tardis from. A stitch in time! It would be harder tomorrow.

The stones just helped the enthusiasm. Surely reminiscent of a bed of nails (if I'd ever laid on one).

The thing about fixing water leaks from underneath is that water flows downwards ......


A truly miserable grey looking day.

A good day to move house.

We reckoned we had the better house, but he could have more fun.

It didn't occur to us until later that the car in front was there because he couldn't see where he was going. Almost walking pace.

Too hard to drive backwards I guess.

What else does one do when its raining but stop by the roadside and photograph cranes.
And discover that some Swedes are human and store old cars.

A Morris, a Saab, and a Volvo.

Is it our imagination or are the trees changing a bit.

We suspect more firs and fewer pines. Not at all sure though.

We pass through a few villages on the small roads around Stromsund.

Lush green grass, trees, and no fences.

Barns have an upstairs and a downstairs.

Well up ramp and not up ramp really.

Some have stones to form the ramp with a bridge.

Presumably animals downstairs, hay upstairs.

Finally saw one of the logging machines that make the tracks wider than Tardis.

An earlier version of the vehicle we saw in Scotland.

We are camped at the side of St. Ringsjon. North west of Stromsund.

We had to cross the road and down a track to see the lake.

The same track that there are deer droppings on.

So what does one do when the wet unsealed road has turned the rear window opaque?

Use the special telescopic squeegee window cleaner that was hard to find in Aus and has only been used a few times.

But aren't we pleased we carried it! 

Cleaned the lights and rego plate as well.

I wonder if the deer can read? And whether they'll get as big a surprise as us!

Our lean to the right is a difference of about 20mm between front axle and chassis from right to left.

Interesting bit is with a tripod mount for the body the lean is more obvious at the rear. Just makes certain diagnosis more difficult - putting a jack between front axle and chassis on low side confirms.

Near Viken and Alkarede, Sweden Week 57 3rd-6th June 2012

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