Saxnas and Arjeplog, Sweden Week 58 9th-11th June 2012
We saw some at Stekenjokk and now quite a few times since.

Infrastructure for reindeer herding?

Presumably pens and loading to stock trucks.

Just like cattle yards with gates and runs.

Heading north again.
Our first moose!

Quite deceptive.

By the time we got the camera switched on it had ambled from the road into the trees.

Water water everywhere/
We are still on back roads. Staying as far to the west, as close to the mountains, as we can.

This one had road works.

A few corrugations in a couple of places. Only noticeable because we were looking for them.

And the now obligatory reindeer.

We must be careful not to hit one.

We stopped about 35km south west of Arjeplog.
"just another lake".
Arjeplog has the Silver Museum.

A collection of Saami silver started by a local doctor. Plus all sorts of other Saami things. And lots from settlers.

We also met the local archeologist as we were asking questions about the area.

I'd already read one of her papers. Describing how they'd mapped where the coast had been 10,000 years ago based on how the land had risen. Then went looking for stoneage and other sites. Lots of success.

We have a lot of admiration for people who can methodically do that sort of work. We just turn up after the hard work with the camera.

Belts (I think) from the Saami. There were others with silver ornament.

Also vests.

The pink church at Arjeplog.

Interesting pattern to what looked like wooden tiles.

This is a hunting trap. A pit dug for animals to fall into while being hunted.

A series of pits, probably with fences to herd the animals.

Its at Asen on Lake Hirnaven. Just north of Arjeplog.

Probably about 4,000 years old.

There are also hearths.

The pile of stones would be a hearth at the centre of a lavvu (those bell tent like structures).

Moving with the seasons the Saami shifted from predominantly fishing to beginning to herd reindeer around the 5th century.

We are a bit puzzled, but no one to ask.

Why are the hearths rectangular while the lavvus they are inside are round.

Maybe the original square peg in a round hole? (I knew you'd like that one). 

This used dalek shell is not for sale.

Its been reinvented as a fish smoker.

Fire in the bottom. Fish in the top.

The roof lifts to get the air flow right.

We've seen a few of what we thought may be fish smokers but this is the first we've cross examined. Presumably the table behind is for preparing the fish.

Its difficult to describe the absence of something, but there were no fish leftovers, or litter.

We drove up Mount Galtispuoda that overlooks Arjeplog.
Norway in the distance.
Arjeplog has a population of around 2,000.

None of the towns up here are large.

Our sort of place.

We stopped the night at the top.

A couple of cars came up for a look (well the people in them at least). And a motorhome.

Despite being south of the Arctic Circle the height may have let us see the midnight sun.

Alas the clouds got in the way.

Lake Jaknajaure and Muddus National Park, Sweden Week 58 12th-16th June 2012

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