Pallas Yllastuntori and Lemmenjoki National Parks, Finland Week 61 27th June -2nd July 2012
What we hadn't expected to see was a trotting track.

Spotted it just after we'd seen a horse float with trotting thingy on the back.

We decided a bit of walking in Pallas Yllastuntori National Park would keep us amused.

Yllas fell is to the south and Pallas fell to the north.

We've found ourselves a cosy spot out of the way.

There really aren't many people around.

Good fishing.

We followed the river for a while on a couple of hours walk.


Overlooking the river and a small lake.

Where rivers broaden into small lakes they are labeled lompolos.

The roofing material is like a coated roofing felt.

And a nesting box made from a log.
Next to the cafe.
With a reindeer pen.
The following day the weather cleared.

We backtracked a couple of km towards Yllastuntori.

In the winter its a skiers heaven.

And set off on another walk.
Between a couple of fells, down and round.

Yllastuntori above us to the right.

There's a lot of world (and a lot of trees) out there.
One of the many outsize signposts in the park.

The notice board is about safety. Just to the right is a rough map.

We started out following the signs for "No 2". Got a bit confused when the signs had names.

Yes. There are definitely ants in there!

They look angry!

We drove north after our walk.

Stopped at Akasmylly.

Built around 1946 and used to mill local grain. We've seen a few paddocks but no grain growing.

The water arrives through the wooden sluice under our feet.

Usual story of a bit of a fall to the river.

We stopped before Pallastuntory.

An old road camp.

This photo was taken at midnight.

At last, we've seen the midnight sun. Its reached its low point. Now it will start rising.

Must be a time zone thing .... it continued falling and disappeared behind the fells.


Not another reindeer!
It was wet, windy, cold and miserable at the visitors centre on Pallastuntori.

Discretion is the better ... and all that. The weather forecast was not looking good.

We headed south, then east, then north.

The back road via Pokka to Inari.


Stopped for a couple of nights beside Kapsajoki (Kapsa River).

The mosquitoes won.

A couple of km from the road to the fishermen's spot.
In between the showers it was quite pleasant.
Much evidence of reindeer herding.
Different leaves to the last white flower.

We think they might be the flowers of cloudberries but really not sure.

The rain hadn't really cleared by the time we reached Lemmenjoki National Park.

We waited in Tardis for it to slow. Had a good long chat to the people in the visitor center. By which time the shower had passed so we went for a walk.

One of lots of reindeer traps.

A couple of hundred along the ridge.

An early 19th century farm.
Glimpses of fells through the trees.
And some odd geology.

The ridges are morraine. These small flood ponds fill with melt water which drains through the sand.

The water drwons the normal vegetation but doesn't stay long enough for water plants. 

Not reindeer traps this time.

The holes are where blocks of ice were mixed with the morraine. When they melted they left holes.

Some of these pines are 400 years old, with another 100 years of life left in them yet.

The ground cover is fairly short.

Looks like its been grazed. Presumably by reindeer.

We did see some of that model train tree stuff that we saw further south. Didn't recognise it for a while as it was very short.

A convenient spot near where the road (there's only one)  from Lemmenjoki park meets the main road.

A couple of weeks ago the diesel cooker had made a few odd noises while starting. A bit like the flame catching with a woooof. That and a couple of false starts that we also ignored.

So tonight it refused to ignite.

Read the manual (stored on the computer) to figure out the flashing yellow light meant a glow plug problem. Not the sort of problem that would fix itself.

No spare glow plug with us! But we do have a multi-fuel Primus stove. About 5 minutes to dig it out of a hatch, siphon some diesel, and start it up to cook tea.

Diesel isn't the ideal fuel but it works. The stove looked like a neat bit of design.

Alas, the patented magnetic nozzle cleaner carboned up and blocked fuel flow after the second use. Its going to take a bit of maintenance to keep it running.

Inari, Kevo Nature Reserve and Utsjoki, Finland Week 61 3rd -5th July 2012

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