Moysalen National Park, Norway Week 64 29th July 2012
Before Narvik we thought we'd better have another look at Moysalen.

On our first visit we'd met a German couple in an "expedition vehicle". We spent the evening chatting about our Asia trip and their South American trip. Their current journey is North Cape to Cape Town. Fellow travelers.

This time we met a couple of local Norwegian families caravaning for the weekend.

The barometer continued its yo-yoing.

It looked fine enough to walk a bit.

We missed the very overgrown track but after asking at a hut ("everyone in Norway speaks English") we bush bashed up to a saddle and eventually crossed the track.


Just before tripping over a frog.

The track is a bit rough and a bit damp.

Our map is a photograph of the map from a downloaded pamphlet.

A few contours but totally inadequate for us to pick out which is Moysalen.

After a close inspection we are reasonably sure it isn't this one.
Its probably this one.

We think the track describes a circle round to the left and across above the waterfalls in the distance.

That's right, these waterfalls.

It would be at least a couple of hours to get anywhere near.

So then we had to turn round and go back.
A flashback to my youth.

Glass has been replaced with plastic as buoyancy for fishing nets.

Nice as a track marker.

Particularly since the track is almost invisible.
Next to the car park there's a small sign in the tree that says "Moysalen".

The only indication that we were in the right place. 

And so further north east.
Looking north we could see a different sun reflected off the hills, about 50 km away.
The seagulls and other birds looked like they were feeding well.

The boat chased them off.

Must have chased the fish off as well 'cos we didn't see them catch any.

The nearest we got to a few dolphins.

Probably after the fish too.

And we failed at fishing. 

The first cast caught a snag.

Had to wait until low tide next morning to retrieve.

Yup. The water was cold!

But this time there were a few limpets. It must be getting warmer as we head south.

Lofoten to Trollstigen, Norway Week 64-65 30th July - 4th August 2012

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