Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England Week 71 15th August - 7th September 2012
Narrow roads as we extricated ourselves from the Essex coast and headed north around the Wash to Lincolnshire.
And "quaint" villages.
Spilsby allowed us to dismantle the right front hub.

Remove the free wheel hub, then the brake drum with wheel bearings, then the drive shaft and outer knuckle joint.

Not quite a standard bearing in those big holes top and bottom. The outer race is contained in an eccentric housing from after market camber kit.

Ordered new from Australia as difficult to separate from old outer housing.

We'd arrived a few days early at Spilsby so Tim and Angela could take Amos to his first sheep dog training session in Cumbria.

On return he needed some practice and the ducks were convenient.

The new parabolic springs from All Terrain Warriors arrived. A few days later than expected but all's well.

The choice was either have a second hand set of original springs shipped over, this set of parabolics, or try for fixing the old springs.

We think we've got it right but only time will really tell.

The king pin bearings are taking too long.

We can replace front springs but we only have two axle stands (purchased as part of planning the work) and it looked a bit precarious to take the rear wheels off.

Thanks to Dave for picking up a second camber kit and couriering it from Aus.

One new spring in place.

The old kingpin bearing shells are sitting there so we have some hope of preserving the camber setting.

The second leaf wraps around the front and rear mountings which hopefully means that if the main leaf breaks the axle doesn't try to disappear under the truck.

Angela likes making cakes.

And we like eating them.

More unrepayable hospitality.

Front wheels back on. The angle gauge is the same one used to measure the sun's elevation in Norway.

Not ideal but sufficiently accurate to suggest we preserved the camber.

Meanwhile it was time to replace four tyres.

Surprisingly off the shelf within the tyre group. At 60% the Aus price and cheaper than Spain where we'd originally planned to replace them.

I've left the two older tyres on the front until wheel alignment. Then I'll swap them for new.

I scrounged some valves and tyre grease.

The short test drive around Spilsby was good. So we set off to the Isle Of Man.

The ferry leaves from Heysham at about 2am so we spent a few hours parked on Morecambe promenade waiting.

The parabolic springs feel like a success at this early stage. No additional roll, and the harsh jarring of the standard springs is very much reduced, with more of a floating feeling without loss of control. So far so good.

Museum, Scarlett, Balladoole and The Mull, Isle Of Man Week 72 10th - 13th September 2012

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