Peel and Glen Rushen, Isle Of Man Week 73 16th - 18th September 2012
A bus ride to Peel.
Peel Castle on its own island at one end.
But first Mannanin's Museum.

More chronology of the Island with an  emphasis on the Celtic and Viking eras.

Peel was the centre of the Celtic revival on the Island.

This is Odin's Raven. Sailed from Norway to the Isle Of Man in 1979 for the millenium of the Manx Parliament.


Manx Kippers.

Smoked herrings to those who don't know.

The large chimney in the back is the power station.

A couple of replica Viking longboats.

Used for the annual races in the harbour.

Looks a bit converted from fishing boat to living accommodation.
Just north of Peel is sandstone.

Used in the castle on St Patrick's Isle.

This is the remains of St German's Cathedral inside the castle. Christianity was introduced to the Island from Ireland through here.

Coastal defences. One of two gun mountings from 1814 - 1822. Similar to those we saw on the Isle Of Wight.

The older cannons were pointing at the town which Ali found mildly amusing.

There are several lifeboats on the Isle Of Man.

This is at Peel. The others at Port Erin, Port St Mary, Douglas and Ramsey.

All have an illustrious history.

A bit of fresh air as we walked up Peel Hill.

We didn't reach Crellin's Folly.

Back to the bus and a last look at the castle.
Through the main street again.
And the other way.
We got lost, which is almost impossible in Peel.

But found a sandstone cottage.

Ali was a bit worried about whether we'd been directed to the right bus stop.

Not a problem when there's only one. 

Following day we headed to Glen Rushen. 
Looking back to truck parked at one of several old mines in the area.
Past a Tholtan.

Roughly translates as ruined croft, house, or small farm.

Cronk ny Arrey Laa.
We think Beckwith's Mine. Disused.

The chimney is for the engine house.

The Cronk less zoomed in.
Down to Niarbyl for a cup of tea.

And the view south to Fleshwick, Bradda Head, and the Calf Of Man.

Thatched cottages at Niarbyl.

In deference to the wind there are stones let into the walls to tie ropes to hold the roof down.

somewhere between 1880 and 1904 wall post boxes with "VR" insignia were installed through the British Isles. For Victoria Regina.

Later are George and Elizabeth.

There are few of these "VR" left in use.

We drove over the top past Sloc towards Port Erin.

Scarlett where we walked a few days ago is towards the right and Langness (remember Langnes from the north of Norway) towards the left.

Castletown, Laxey and Port Erin, Isle Of Man Week 73 19th - 21st September 2012

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