Rushen Abbey, Cregneash and Port Erin, Isle Of Man Week 74 23rd September 2012
The strawberries and cream afternoon teas at Rushen Abbey have been replaced with an excavated archeological site.

And a model of how it might have been in its heyday.

There's a few buildings still standing.

This one has become a dovecote.

And the church tower.
Built around 1150 AD by the Cistercians.

On land provided by the crown.

Also supported by a proportion of local taxes. 

It survived until about 1500 when crown support for the church disappeared.

Suspicions of corruption.

A quick trip to the Manx Food and Drink Exhibition.

Apart from the food and drink a bit of spinning and weaving.

And a working threshing machine with attached bailer (behind).
Driven by a Field Marshall tractor.

Used to help a local farmer at harvest time.

Crellin's Folly on top of Peel Hill in the background.

We are never far from anywhere.

The end to end walk.

A few road closures, but not this one.

Over the top again.

From Cregneash. looking across Carrick Bay.

Scarlett and Langness in the distance again.
Did I mention Fuschia?

There's lots of it in the hedges and gardens.

One of the national flowers, but I believe not a native.

But this is native.

A four horned Loaghtan sheep.

Thatched roofs are tied down.
Inside Harry Kelly's Cottage (museum) at Cregneash.

Nice and warm with the peat fire.

And the outside.
A good view for the old bailer in the farm opposite the cottage overlooking the Calf of Man and Sound.
On the rocking chair is a Manx Cat - no tail.

The museum cat!

And yet another "VR" letter box.

The little square at top right of the white area is changed when the box is emptied so it shows when the next collection will be.

Answers that question about "have I missed the post" which was never collected on time.

The Mull Circle (Meayll Circle)/

It was referred to as the Druid's Circle when I were a lad.

Its a neolithic burial site. About 3500 BC. Distinctive with 6 pairs of cists (graves).

The stone covers have long gone.

Each pair has a passage between them, radiating from the centre.
The gap in the hills leads to Fleshwick.

Hopefully we'll get to walk along the coast over there.

This is the first "VR" letter box I knew about.

Near "our house" its where we used to post letters.

Bradda Head, yet again.

We stopped for an ice cream in Port Erin.

"Our house".

The hill was good for running carts down (made from old pram wheels).

Cashtal Yn Ard, Maughold and Point Of Ayre, Isle Of Man Week 74 24th - 27th September 2012

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