La Forêt sur Sèvre and Sers, France Week 78 24 - 26th October 2012
We are headed in the general direction of Les Eyzies de Tayac-Sireuil.

Caves and limestone.

But first we passed through the picturesque Rochefort en Terre.

Its probably famous for something other than the wine of the Loire valley, cobbles, and central gutters..


We strayed a little too close to the centre of Nantes having missed the circular road.

Probably because we told the gps "no motorways".

After sitting in the queue that wasn't getting past a broken truck blocking the way we followed an unsuspecting  recovery truck through some back streets.

Unlike last November, when we drove rapidly through France to start truck repairs in England, we are in slow mode. Drive until we feel like stopping.

This is "Le Chateau de  La Forêt sur Sèvre". We just happened to walk past it on the way to the village centre.

La Forêt Sur Sèvre doesn't seem to be of any particular significance. "Just" a nice place to walk through.

This is Le Mairie. We assume its a sign of very local government rather than the amalgamations that have occured in our part of Australia. 

And like all good French villages it has a boulangerie. We do like our bread and cheese for lunch.

We are camped for two nights in the Aires de Camping Cars.

Visited by one of the locals checking us out, this very unconcerned Falcon, and a lone Englishman living nearby.

It seems to have been a while since we got close enough to the wildlife to get a reasonable photo.

The Aires is an old camping ground that was closed then needed to be turned into something.

Did some washing and a minor repair to the air intake behind the cab. The topmost section has rusted out and is now held together with used milk container and duct tape.

Onward through Niort towards Les Eyzies.
Nearly as good as watching the Tour de France on TV.

Surely a travelogue to be envious of.

The vineyard in the foreground grows grapes for cognac production.

Full marks for our brand recognition but we figured it won't taste any better here than off the shelf in Aus.

We are happy with wine, cheese and fresh bread.

We saw a sign for an Aires de Camping and followed it to Sers.
With the XI th century Eglise St Pierre.

Sers also provided us with information on La Route de Tonneaux des Canons.

In the 17th century, north and west of here, were small iron ore mines (pits), charcoal kilns, and forges (to smelt iron and make canons).

Looks like Rochefort en Terre, that we passed through a couple of days ago, was the gateway to the sea from the river system (we think) used for transport.

Looks like we'd need a bit more detective work to find remains.

The boulangerie was less than 100m away so fresh bread for breakfast.

We've been in France long enough this time to notice the difference in baguettes from different bakers. A sense of a crusty outside, sufficient body, and substantial centre without being too chewy, being to our liking. Perhaps the difference between "baguette ordinaire" and "baguette traditionale". Etc. Obviously we have a lively future as bread connoisseurs.

We aren't sure what this contraption is. Its in La Place de la Bascule.

Bascule can be translated several ways. Related to roundness of a horse or, originally, a form of torture. Its also a type of opening bridge that's counterbalanced and rolls - like Tower Bridge in London - a sort of seesaw and balance..

The figure seems to be wielding hammers. We'll settle for shoeing horses held steady in the frame. There's a suitable, adjustable, yoke at the far end.

There's an old industrial weighbridge nearby, just to confuse!

Memories of China and group exercises! No music.

A group of walkers with ski poles (or maybe even a group of skiers with walking poles!) out for Saturday morning pre ski season training?

A very large turnout for a small village.

Maybe we should have joined them.

Les Eyzies de Tayac-Sireuil, France Week 79 27 - 29th October 2012

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