El Jedida, Morocco Week 84 30th November - 7th December 2012
Moulay Bousselham.

There's a campsite by the lagoon. This is the one at the top of the hill.

We are surrounded by gum trees.

One of our rectangular buckets has sprung a leak but its still usable.

Down the coast towards El Jedida. Becoming noticeably drier.
Lots of small scale industry.
And a power station.

Agriculture is a mix between small paddocks and large scale.

El Jedida has a Marjane. A supermarket.
Sunday morning we went for a stroll into town.

All playing soccer.

Morocco has been independent (of the French) since 1956. French colonisation only lasted 44 years.

Along the coast is leftover from Portuguese ports.

This is the Portuguese Cistern in El Jedida.

Not in use but a little water on the floor to provide reflections for the tourists to photograph.
I guess the hole in the roof is to lower the bucket through to get some water.
The Portuguese town walls are quite extensive.
With the occasional cast iron cannon.

And other fish.

All the motorhomers we've met have gas.

The German who set this up to decant gas from a Moroccan bottle to his German bottle seemed to know that some places he could get butane and others propane.

Not the safest procedure. A little ice around the leak.

Wakened every morning by the call to prayer.

Still required as not everyone has athan (call to prayer) apps on their mobile phones.

Safi, Morocco Week 85 8th - 9th December 2012

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