Plage Blanche, Morocco Week 87 18th - 21st December 2012
We drove around Agadir, stopping only for the Marjane.

The truck next to ours is a German Magirus 4wd.

Lots of expedition type vehicles in Morocco.


The gps said go through the archway.

We decided not to.

Fascinated by the Atlantic swell and the offshore wind.
Took a bit of getting there but couldn't resist.

Our own promontory.

The vegetation is now very dry and prickly.
The Harmattan is the north African trade wind.

It brings dust from the Sahara.


Hopefully we never lose our excitement over a simple sunset.
South through Sidi Ifni and eventually the asphalt stops.
We had a look at what looked like the old track around the headland.

Looked like a good campsite towards the beach. 

Sadly down was rough, the track at the bottom non-existent and, for us, impassable.

So we went up and over.

Needed a shunt around this corner.

And a bit undulating!
At the top is a signpost to Bou Jerif one way and Plage Blanche to the right.
Really dry now. Just fishermen's shanties.
Navigation is interesting.

This is the original Garmin map for Morocco.

I've since swapped it for "Olaf's Map". A detailed track map.

Many thanks to Olaf

The haze cleared a bit for us.
Each bay we came to was occupied.
Haven't a clue! There was a flock of half a dozen. They walked rather than flew away.
Plage Blanche.

Not quite the gleaming white sand we'd expected. More a sort of off-white.

We perched on the cliff to watch the world go by.

Lots of mosquitoes at the bottom of the cliff.

Fascinating place.
The locals seem to use a track just above the high tide mark.

The tourists seem to use the hard beach as the tide goes out.

We used neither. Tempted, but we are on our own and its 30km to the next exit.

Plage Blance, Bou Jerif and Bouizakarne, Morocco Week 88 22nd - 28th December 2012

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