Amtoudi, Morocco (days four to six) Week 90 31st December 2012
A day off!

We haven't really been close enough to birds to photograph them for quite a while.

We don't know what it is.

We know its not a sparrow because of the crest.

They seem to be in small flocks of three or four.

This was one of a pair.

Their favourite resting spot near us was in a tree.

Monday must be rubbish day.

A hole was dug. And at least 4 dead dogs picked up and placed in it.

Ian and Janice had been kept awake by barking dogs on their first night!

Burned before being buried (the dogs, not Ian and Janice)..

Another fire was started for the rubbish carried from the camping ground.

There's a smell of burning plastic in the air.

There's no real attempt to pile it up to burn it, just fuel poured over, so there's lots left for next time.

Difficult to capture the dark feathers.
So back to our crested thingo.


Is the one on the left a sparrow?
Almost posing just for us.
The longer we look the less we know about it.
They all seem to hop around on the ground picking up lots of things we can't see. Very busy.
Then hopping onto a rock for a rest, and a look around.
New Year's eve was quiet. Followed by another day of relaxation.

The morning was consumed in watching the chase after three very clever donkeys.

This one got away. The persuers exhausted.

We also watched the local lads at the rubbish dump adding fuel to plastic bottles, lighting it, and waiting for the bang.

Tafraoute and Tata, Morocco Week 91 3rd - 5th January 2013

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