Mhamid, Morocco Week 92 10th - 14th January 2013
Mhamid is on the banks of the Oued Draa.

The river rises in the Atlas Mountains, flows south east from Ouarzazate then at Mhamid heads west to the coast.

Lunch time and the shops were shut.

We did find them open enough to stock up with fresh milk, butter and fruit / veggies.

A contrast to the donkeys.

We met up with Ian and Janice again.

Looking west from the edge of town.

There's a constant flow of tourist traffic to the dunes (and back).

On the south side of the river is a wide area of agriculture.

This medina houses about 1,000 people.

Just guessing, the caravans to Timbuktu would have passed this way.

About 50 days as the camel flies.

The holes in the walls are leftover from the scaffolding used when they were built.
Palms and grain.
We were intrigued by this arrangement next to a well.

We think we've seen a sort of derrick arrangement somewhere else but our memories are fading.

The well is at least 8m deep. But dry.

We know that north of Merzouga there is an area of Khattara - based on Quanats, the Persian underground waterways connecting wells.

We were left wondering how the wells around this medina were administered.

At last. One of those birds we first saw at Amtoudi.
Lots of sand to the north of Mhamid.

Woven fences to help stabilise the dunes.

Now we know what happens to the palm leaves that aren't burned.

We've had 5 days rest at Mhamid.

Mhamid to Taouz, Morocco   (Part One) Week 92 15th - 16th January 2013

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