Todra Gorge to Tizi Tirherhouzine, Morocco Week97 16th February 2013
Todra Gorge is a very narrow, deep gorge.

With a road.

We camped at the north end.

And looked back.

Watching the light change.
Our truck is visible, and the road for tomorrow.
Walked up the road a bit to look back.

The gorge is the narrow bit off to the left.

Reminiscent of some gorges in the West McDonalds, to the north west of Alice Springs.

Behind us there was a steep track leading out of the gorge.

We watched a couple of women carrying water up it.

Harsh is the only word for it.

The gorge is long and rises steadily.
Eventually opening out onto the plateau.

We think this is the end of a school running race.

There was a convenient way round through a car park.

Rather surprising there is green in the fields.

Then again. It had snowed up here about three weeks ago.

Something incongruous about carrying what we think is firewood past the communications towers.
We are surprised at the extent of the fields and the size of the villages.
And still rising.
I saw the sign and thought diesel had been misspelled.

Only later when looking at this photo and the map and the track into the mountains did I realise the sign was about trips to the salt mine.

We climbed and climbed.

There's a village in the distance.

There's remnants of the old track below the new sealed road.
When looking at the map the salt mine is roughly where the valleys meet.

There's a long track leading up the side of the peak.

Couldn't resist the view as we climbed still higher.
We are camped just past Tizi Tirherhouzane.

We are at about 2689m. The distant peak is about 3000m.

Not far to walk to the gorge.

The peak is round the corner to the right.

And the end of the gorge.

Opposite us was another walking track out of the gorge.

It looked a bit steep in places.

Our camp was on a track leading up to the communications towers. 
Minus 1.8 deg C outside in the morning.

Barometer falling.

So we set off down the track back to the sealed road.
Lac de Tizlit, Morocco Week 98 17th February 2013

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