Pergamum, Turkey Week 115 June 14th 2013
We finished the day camped outside a carpet warehouse on the outskirts of Bergama.

We think a government sponsored cooperative.

Next morning a fascinating look at carpets.

Wool on wool, cotton on wool, silk on cotton.

All hand knotted. Natural dyes.

The detail in this was extraordinary even to our untrained eyes.

Carpet Weavvers Association. +90 533 688 21 66

N39.0793, E27.1193

Back through the middle of Bergama to the Asklepeion.

The Via Tecta connects the Asklepeion to the Akropolis.

Shops either side.

Just like the Asklepeion we saw in Greece. Dedicated to medicine.

Those who weren't dying were allowed in.

This is the Sanctuary of Asklepios.

This circular Temple of Zeus Asklepios, an all embracing God is modeled on the Pantheon in Rome.
The magnificiently named Kryptoporticus led from the centre of the sanctuary to the healing area.
The Telesphoreion, or Tedavi is the treatment building.

Impossible to photograph this is the downstairs sleeping rooms.

Three concentric circles and a central pillar for support of a vaulted roof.


Ah. That's how the key works.

An iron staple with lead poured into the holes.

The theatre was in use.

University graduation ceremony.

All students, no parents in sight.

A bit unusual for us.

Decoration for the stairs.

Then, having been healed, back along the Via Tecta.

The Akropolis on the hill in the distance.

One more visit in Bergama.

The museum.

Built on the site of a cemetery.

This is the tomb of Deu'l Fettah Daughter Hafza. 1757.

Head and foot stones.

This is what the Temple of Zeus would have looked like.

How to make a small building big and imposing.

I guess the columns save on building materials for the spaces.

They look expensive, but may have been cheaper than a complete wall.

And a model of the whole Akropolis.
Statue of Emperor Hadrian.

A day off from wall building to pose?

Below is a mosaic (Medusa in the centre) from a building in the Akropolis.

Loquat tree in the museum grounds

With ripe fruit.

Just one to taste!

Though we were tempted.

An afternoon drive south.

Towards Ephesus.

A couple of largish towns and the city of Izmir in the way.

The motorway cuts round the eastern side of the city.

We described the drive as "exciting".

A bit of a hold up.

Just to remind us that accidents happen.

Police were quick off the mark and controlled things well.

Suddenly the traffic became well behaved.

For a bit.

We were heading for a campsite beside a cafe beside a beach.

Instead we found a bush track and followed it to a right sized clearing.

About 30 km short of Ephesus.

Ephesus, Turkey Week 115 June 15th - 16th 2013

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