Lake Acigol and Lake Egirdir, Turkey Week 116 June 20th - 22nd 2013
What does one do when on holiday in Pamukkale?

Hang gliding of course.

From our campsite.

Not us though.

The main roads seem to follow the valley floors.

We opted for the "over the mountains" minor road approach.

The gps was going to lead us up the terraces but we resisted.

The north gate is to the right and the south to the left. About the edges of the photo. A lot of km, which is why they have buses.

We are pleased we started at the middle. Not only because we avoided the high parking charges (for mini buses).

The things we do for a photo.

My new role as "tour guide" was questioned several times.

Up to about 1400m.

Small cultivated valleys.

We are wondering what the light green crop is.

So if anyone can tell us here is a closer shot.

We thought sesame but it doesn't seem quite right.

Having gone up we have to go down.

We are headed roughly north east from Pamukkale.

Rural Turkey.
With a vengeance.
And surprisingly, with all the stones around, mud bricks.
Between the mountains are flat valleys.
Just a minaret.

Nothing else.

But these two are attached to another aluminium topped mosque.
We found some more minor roads across the valley floor.

Then up again.

Medium sized fields of wheat and other grains.
Narrow winding streets through the villages.
Then more wheat fields.
We started looking for a campsite along the edge of Lake Acigol.

Not much on the west side so we headed round the south to the east side.

We didn't fancy our chances of a swimming spot after seeing a few salt ponds and salt works. 

But we did scare a few large birds away.
Then stopped for the night.
The locals were friendly.

Showed us the water supply.

Almost set up as a camping ground with shade trees (that we don't need) in neat rows..
Behind us the limestone glowed in the sunset as the moon rose.
And the sun set behind the hills.
The never ending hills.
Peter had noticed the engine temperature climbing and added some water when it had cooled.

Next morning a bit of diagnosis.

Helped by a couple of Turks from the tractor..

The connection from radiator to reservoir had split.

Fortunately a bit of old brake pipe (left over from a repair necessary when a shredded tyre broke the pipe) had the right thread.

Sealing it was a bit awkward (last bit is self amalgamating tape) but it looks like it will hold for a while.

The 10mm socket is a donation. Required to tighten the connection. Unable to remove due to the carefully formed bend in the pipe! 

We're not sure what the cattle are eating out on the flat.
Trying to find a way over the mountains again we traversed a couple of hundred meters above the lake.

Some very basic accommodation for people and animals.

And a look back across the lake.
With yet more salt works.
Not our best photo but an interesting looking house to drive past in the village of Yaka.
Interesting architecture all round.
Up to 1500m this time.
The pipe repair still holding.
Lake Burdur.

Our intention is to turn left when we meet it.

What does one do with a mountain?

Remove the top of course.

Presumably marble but not sure.

This smooth looking road is not what it seems.

We've arrived at a tee junction and it looks the same both ways.

No signs. Freshly sprayed tar.

In a slight error of judgement, given the alternative of stopping for an unkown time or returning a couple of hours, we proceeded.

We then discovered how fresh.

A very light "tar", probably with lots of light fractions to evaporate.

There were no gravel trucks to be seen. 

We passed them coming the other way about 15 minutes later.

Last time I saw this much disregard for road users was 1960's England.

We wiped it off the window, handles and steps with meths and paper towels.

The rest will have to wait.

What a mess.

Farming carried on. Oblivious to our mess.

The gps thinks there's a road through that field.

The storks were also oblivious. Even the youngsters.

This nest had smaller birds nesting in holes underneath.

A bit like weaver birds.

Getting late in the day.

Having not found the way round the north of Lake Burdur we drove round the south then followed main roads through Burdur and Isparta to Lake Egirdir.

Our campsite will be on the narrow strip of causeway to the islands.

A bit too rough for swimming but nice to watch the sun go down.

The lake is oligotrophic! Don't we just love the incomprehensible jargon.

Low in nutrients (phosphorous and nitrogen) so not much weed or algae and reasonably clear. Why don't they just say so?

May even be drinkable!

A new arrangement of the wagons to hide from the cooling breeze.

Now to find a way of cleaning the vehicles - turps (white spirit), kerosene, steam clean, baby oil, margarine, peanut butter, or all of the above.

The very helpful local tourist info office located the industrial area south of town.

At the other end of our causeway campsite is this wooden building.

We've seen quite a few similar.

Next morning off to the industrial area.

Happened on a car wash.

We had turps or kerosene or peanut butter in mind.

The expert suggestion, confirmed by a passing policeman, was diesel. Not something we had seriously considered as a solvent. We were only convinced when we tried a small patch. It depends on which hydrocarbons are in the "tar" and the diesel.

Methinks they've done it before.

Followed by high pressure water.

Followed by car wash detergent / wax stuff.

For the cab paintwork some light cut paste was required.

Followed by more high pressure water.

An interesting journey with no common language.

The "tar" has been removed. We no longer get it on our hands or feet when climbing in/out.

A passing glance at some solar hot water thingos.
Then lunch with our truck cleaning expert.

A bonus was a couple of likely looking brass bits that will fit Peter's radiator - though the bush mechanic repair is holding so far.

Remarkable what can be conveyed with "sign language".

As usual it helps to find "the right person".

Back through Egirdir.

Admiring the topiary as we go.

North of Egirdir town.

Last night's campsite was about centre of the photo.

And a lakeside camp about 3km north of Barla.

The lake is at about 950m. Temperature mid 20's (Centigrade). And thankfully the wind has become a breeze.

Plan is to stop for a couple of days and relax.

Hopefully China Visa invitations will turn up in the next couple of days ready for applications in Ankara.

In the meantime we content ourselves with watching the sun set on the mountains.
And the moon rise over the lake.
Lake Egirdir to Ankara to Cappadocia, Turkey Week 117 June 23rd - 26th 2013

Doug McKean Mon, 24 Jun 13 01:02:09 +1000
The inventiveness of a couple of Aussie bush mechanics in Turkey! Your journey continues to be an inspiration to us. - Doug & Jackie

jon Tue, 25 Jun 13 21:24:12 +1000
Peanut Butter? Surely Vegemite would have done the job.

Laurie Sun, 30 Jun 13 14:29:14 +1000
WD40? also useful as a solvent I have found. Coke is also handy :)

Willem and Ageeth Sun, 30 Jun 13 18:05:33 +1000
What a BIG, BIG, BIG mess. Wonder how it looks underneath. Good rust protection? Or just a layer of dust, sand, gravel. Gross vehicle weight come up a bit?
But also: great pics and comments. Say hi to P&M from us.

Ian & Jan Tue, 02 Jul 13 01:49:35 +1000
Hi Folks! We nearly encountered the same 'problem' on our current trip with the 'Tar Spray' that is the glue between lower (Old) and upper (New) Macadam layers but I am buggered if I can remember the country! All I can remember is a blue BMW coming towards us with his offside wheels on our side of the road to keep them out of the fresh tar as like you there was NO Traffic Control! We were on the new Tarmacadam and so OK, but I don't envy you after going through that lot and having to clean it off afterwards!

P.S. We just finished the last of the Chocolate Biscuits! Sorry!!!
Ian & Jan

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