Mustafapasa, Cappadocia,Turkey (Three) Week 118 July 1st 2013
Balloon trip organised we camped next to the depot.

Then watched a grass or stubble fire.

There was lots of smoke but the camera was full.

By the time the pictures were downloaded the fire brigade had done their work.

We also watched the passing traffic.
And a cleverly balanced rock.
Plus another sunset.

Sadly, after getting up at 4am, our balloon flight was cancelled due to the wind.

No balloons at all in the air today.

So through Goreme to Urgup.
A glimpse of a working Turkish Bath.

So like the ruins we saw further west.

A walk through the main square.

And a purchase of some nuts and turkish delight.

But our objective is Mustafapasa.

Formerly a Greek village.

With Greek churches.

There was a 1923 population exchange between Turkey and Greece which perhaps contributed to a loss of Greek influence in the area.

And Greek architectural touches.
Not sure if its an aquaduct or a road.

We walked under it but didn't find our way above it.

Having carefully ignored the steps to the left.

The village hasn't been developed as much as Goreme and Urgup.

Perhaps the beginnings of its "boom".

Like a parody of real estate adverts the guide books describe it as "not yet dicovered".

Still lots of signs of the original village we think.
Particularly the school.

Which we mistook for a museum.

A very ornate looking newer building.

An office block or a private residence?

Just up the hill from some older ones.

The corbelled balcony seemed to be missing a bit.

The track said "4wd".

An invitation we couldn't resist.

It started on the left, just north of the river crossing as we left Mustafapasa.

Just a bit narrow and awkward.

At times on hard rock.

Partway along 7 storeys of pigeon lofts and abandoned, partly collapsed, rooms.
After that the way out was normal track.

We emerged onto the plateau, then down to cross another valley.

The track is visible on the ridge in front.

South of Goreme we drove through Ortahisar.

A bit difficult to navigate. The only way out was through a one-way street.

The tour bus drivers assured us it was ok, but the local parking boss wasn't so sure.

We haven't quite worked out when road signs relate to rules, or just to guidelines.

A cooler day, just above 30 degrees C, but we were more interested in having a rest than more sight seeing.

We retired to our favourite resting place.

A place with a bit of shade.

And watched the dying rays of the evening sun light up the rocks.

About to say goodbye to Cappadocia.
But first Peter and Margaret decided to take us and Mehmet out to dinner.

The Ottoman Restaurant in Cavisun.

We tried the raki.

Aniseed flavoured, alcoholic with headache potential.

I nearly said "like ouzo" but then perhaps ouzo is like raki.

Tomorrow we head back to Ankara, then Istanbul, to hopefully obtain China visas.

To Ankara and Istanbul, Turkey Week 118 July 2nd - 3rd 2013

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