Song-Kol to Issyk Kol, Kyrgizstan Week 126 August 27th - 30th 2013
All good things must come to an end.

We headed round the north edge of the lake.

And saw a boat close up.
This is a kumbez.

"At this point buried Hero".

Olzhobolt uulu Andash (1827-1907).

In 1847 fought the Kazaks, Kenensary and Noruzbay.

A nice place to stop for a short rest.
The Moldo Too (in the middle of which is the lake) is limestone.

The Suusamyr Too (which we took the short cut through) is granite.

We think tourist camps, at the eastern end of the Song-Kol.
The herds are sometimes in tight formation near the gers.

They leave a thick pad of dung which is harvested for fuel.

Which made the people in the car gathering fuel (or whatever) more odd than we thought.

Over the pass from the lake and head north east.
This valley has permanent farm buildings. Spaced evenly down the valley.
Each with piles of fuel outside.
A pleasant drive on gravel.
Stopped next to the creek for the night.

At first we thought the buildings in the foreground were farm buildings.

But no, just a different design of mausoleum.

Then carry on the next morning.
A quick trip into Kochkor.

The local car parts outlet.

H4 headlight bulb was $2.

Change it on the spot and make use of 3G internet.

We are headed towards Issyk Kol.


The mountains looked enticing.

But we really aren't close.

"Borrowed" a campsite from Robert and Clary - Double Dutch Aussies who are just in front of us and who we'll probably meet up with some time.

Next to a ger camp on the shore of the lake.

How to erect a ger!

Looking east.

The higher mountains are that way.

There are roads closed near the end of the lake so we may not be able to follow the loop through the mountains we intended.

An outbreak of bubonic plague  (black death, spread by fleas and marmots). About 250 people in isolation. A high mortality if untreated, less so if treated.

So we'll have to content ourselves with resting beside the lake.

Too salty to drink or wash. A bit chilly for us to swim. Big stones. And a pleasant temperature.

Robert and Clary are almost due north of us, on the other side. About 50 km.

The lake is about 170 km long.

Site of health resorts plus environmental and military abuse during the Russian era. 

South of Barskoon, Kyrgizstan - Part One Week 126 August 31st 2013

Duprat Jean et Babette Mon, 02 Sep 13 02:29:23 +1000
Hello Ali and Julian,

We are Jean-Jacques et Babette, your neighbours of the camping of Merzouga.

Nous suivons votre voyage sur votre website et nous sommes ravis de voir que vous allez bien.
C' est très intéressant de voir les photos et de lire votre expérience.
Quel merveilleux voyage! Vous nous faites rêver.
C' est un voyage difficile et Vous êtes très courageux de passer dans tous ces endroits assez désertiques où les touristes ne vont pas.

pour l' instant, nous sommes en France et roulons beaucoup à vélo; nous repartirons en novembre vers les pays du Sud: Portugal, Maroc, et envisageons un voyage + long en 2014.

Continuez à nous faire rêver, et nous vous souhaitons Bonne Route!
Have a nice day
Babette et jean-Jacques

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