Torugart Pass and Kashgar, Xinjiang, China Week 128 September 11th - 12th 2013
Dawn on the 11th saw us driving south from Naryn towards the Torugart Pass.

The first 12km was rough. 

But then to the border was nice shiny new road.

A wide valley.

Tash Rabat somewhere on the left.

For some bizarre reason we needed an escort over the pass.

We are uncertain whether we really need the escort. We did need the permit.

There's an outer Kyrgiz checkpoint many km before the border and immigration.

A big fence and manned sentry post.

Past Katyr Kol a couple of km before the summit.

The pass is a long steady ascent and descent without the hairpins of more precipitous passes.

Very rough road.

The Kyrgiz exit process took a while, a bit more care in the search than entry. But generally friendly.

Near the high point of the pass we were handed over to our local Kashgar guide, we think we crossed from Kirgyzstan to China, and followed obediently

A bit of a wait at the outer Chinese post. Lunch time.

A search in which it took a while for an understanding that we didn't have "luggage".

A slow trip initially as we headed to the immigration and customs post at Kashgar.

More than 100km away.

But it steadily improved as we descended along a picturesque river valley.
Leaving the mountains for the plains around Kashgar.
And then the people as we neared the city.

The most westerly city in China.

Populated mostly by Uighers.

Remember the Uigher Empire from Khar Bolgas in Mongolia?

Time to learn to drive in crowds again.

Apparently we are required by local regulation to stay in an hotel.

We will exit Kashgar and head south at the earliest opportunity.

Following day was taken up with vehicle registration and drivers' licence issue.

Now where is the VIN?

The vehicle inspection included the truck being driven a short distance in first gear by inspector. An emergency handbrake stop!

And being attacked by this wonderful scanner checking the headlights.

One newly replaced by lamp sent from Aus and brought to the border by guide.

From the inspection station a short drive to where the licences and registration were issued.

We then found a welder, to reinforce the sub-frame - again!

Buy a sim card, more money from the bank, and a new battery in Ali's watch. A meal, then bed after a long day.

To Mazar, Xinjiang, China Week 128 September 13th - 14th 2013

Ian & Jan Sat, 14 Sep 13 00:41:38 +1000
Hi Folks! I thought you might have put the kettle on and made a Cup of Tea when you had all those guys under the hood looking for the VIN Number at the border, it might just have speeded up the process! Glad to see however that you are still having a GREAT time while keeping sane! Bah Humbug!

Lorraine Sat, 14 Sep 13 15:53:06 +1000
Glad you made it OK over the mountains. It is amazing that you find your way on roads that we would call goat tracks back here. Continue to enjoy it all and build those memories

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