To Ger, Tibet, China Week 129 September 17th 2013
More mountains and early morning sun.
And a lonely deer by the side of the road.
Wide valley and wetlands.
Abandoned (we think) "farms".

But also some new ones.

Brilliant road again.

With the occasional road works for yet to be completed bridges.

Saw this one in time and came to a leisurely halt to inspect the drop to the diversion.

Had to reverse on a few other occasions.

Cranes in the wetlands.
Just a little nervous.

W'eve reached Bangong Cuo (Lake).

Breakfast by the lake.

This is looking back whence we came.

The lake stretches more than 150 km into Ladakh, in Jammu and Kashmir, part of India between the Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas.

Joined by Rob and Clary for a short while.
Then round the lake and further south.
Past a few more ducks.
And through Ritok.
And back into the wide valleys.

Steadily more vegetation.

And wetlands with birds.
Maybe they are geese.
And more geese. But different.
We stopped at Ger for lunch.

And to register with the police.

We also bought some bread at the Baker's.

We made a brief comment about the decoration.

Turned out to be a likeness of the Baker's wife - just one of those human moments in which we shared a giggle with her.

Headed a few km south to camp..

To Zhadar, Tibet, China Week 129 September 18th 2013

Rob Sat, 21 Sep 13 10:46:36 +1000
What's the middle sign at Ritok, "No burning vehicles"

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