To Saga,  Tibet, China Week 129 September 21st 2013
A bit of rain for us overnight.

Snow higher up.

We started early. About 8am Beijing Time, 6am local time.

We have 450 km to drive.

These are wild asses.

I now know that a donkey is a domesticated ass.

For a while we thought we were looking at Annapurna and Dhaulagiri.

But later figured they were Api and Saipal.

Due south of where we camped last night but previously hidden. 

But we took a close up anyway.

Higher than 7,000m.

We'd noticed sand dunes along the base of the foothills.

Then we passed through some.

Its a river, not a lake.

The old road in the foreground.

We'd started before breakfast. Had a rest after about 150 km for breakfast and refill water tanks.

Then stopped for lunch after about 300 km.

What else but a Chinese Restaurant.

This is the first house with sloping roof we've seen.

What was once a substantial stone building. There were other ruins nearby, including one on a rocky promontory.

Not a clue as to what or why.

Stopped for the night about 32 km west of Saga.

By the river.

Leng Bu Gang Ri is the Chinese name. Not named on our map. 8,470m.

Lazi, West of Shigatsu,  Tibet, China Week 130 September 22nd - 23rd 2013

Ian & Jan  Thu, 26 Sep 13 21:03:17 +1000
Hi again! Your last picture on this page is absolutely stunning with the sun just hitting the top of the mountain!(Leng Bu Gang Ri)

You'll get to be a professional photographer yet!

Ian & Jan

Sue Clayton Mon, 30 Sep 13 10:52:45 +1000
What an amazing journey you are having! I am so enjoying your photos and comments. Hope the cooker problem and the leaks are fixable. And hope you have a spare camera! Well done to you both for taking all these things in your stride, and staying cheerful. I'm amazed that you are able to keep on blogging in such remote places. Isn't the internet wonderful?

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