Near Dololghat,  Nepal Week 131 September 30th 2013
The Chinese - Nepal border is down there somewhere.

Our camp last night in  Zhamgmu was at 2,285m.

The streets are a bit narrow, and a bit windy.

But there's not much traffic.

The big Chinese trucks stop at Zhangmu and goods are transferred to smaller Nepali trucks.

There's a few hundred Chinese back packers.
Finally Customs post number one.

Check the engine and chassis numbers.

A quick look back.

The road follows the zig zag of the town.

Nepali trucks ready to cross the border.

The back doors are locked and sealed.

The Chinese remove the seal as the cross.

Almost tropical.
A slight hiccough on this corner.

A post stuck out at an angle dug a hole in the side of the truck.

A job for later.

The second Chinese post took 2 1/2 hours while the boss's signature was sought.

We have developed a little resentment for the Chinese bureaucracy which will probably linger.

Somewhere in there is Nepal Customs and Immigration.
But it only took a few minutes and we are on our way.

At least until a bit of traffic got in the way.

I have to remember to keep Left after months of keep Right.

Bungy Jumping!
The road is a bit rough and prone to landslides.
We wonder how the terraces cling to the sides.
A succession of Nepal villages.

Are we really here?


We camped by the roadside near Dololghat.

About 800m.


Pokhara, Nepal Week 132 October 3rd 2013

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