Pokhara, Nepal Week 136 - 138 November 5th - November 21st 2013
A completely unintended and totally forgiveable hiccough on the invite.

Comes from introducing ourselves as "Ali 'n Julian"

But mildly amusing given my time lord persona.

Invited to local school in Pame Bazaar showing off dancing.

Stage on one side of the street, audience on the other side. 

Angie, daughter of Erich (of campsite) was among the performers.

We were under a bit of pressure to sit in the front row and our status recognised but we felt a bit like intruders.


Constant movement looked like hard work.
The boys got in on the act too.

The candles on the trays were to show where to put donations.

So back to photographing birds.

Finally caught one in flight.

But the kingfisher is a bit quick.
The camouflage on this lizard matched the "mother in law's tongue".
As the days become shorter (or at least the daylight hours become less) the rice has ripened and the harvest begun.

All cut by hand with scythes.

A family affair.

On the other side of the river they are a couple of days ahead. 

"Haystack" building to keep the rice until ready to thresh.

The cut rice is carried to the stack.
Bird behaviour has changed a bit.

We see more flocks of birds as well as the solitary ones. 

Festooned in a tree on the edge of the campsite.
Even the black drongos have joined in.
But kingfishers have to eat.

It flew off after its meal.

Meanwhile cleaning truck continues.

Used some locally bought jewellers rouge to clean the aluminium. Better than brasso.

Used diesel and our small jet of water to clean the Turkish Tar from wheel arches and suspension.

Downside is either pinched nerves in neck from a cramped bus trip or torn muscles, made worse by all the cleaning.

And the haystacks grew.
and grew
until a ladder was needed
Some of the snakes exited the fields.

This one was in Erich's pond.

Yannick, Miriam and two sons arrived in 16 tonne 6x6.

Alas the hydraulics to lift the lid had burst a pipe.

No entry to inside until the lid is lifted.

A few hours with jacks and a bit of help raised it sufficiently.

Nearly done.
Just about all the rice we can see has been cut and stacked.
Neighbours 100m away have already threshed some, using sticks on a mat, and are separating grain from chaff.
Watched by Pinnochio.
The back of Yannick's truck has four motorbikes.

One each.

Something for other campers to watch.

Election day.

There's been a bit of a strike for a few days. No buses, shops, etc.

The Mao flexing their muscles.

A few police and UN in the village.

No driving at all on election day. Seems strange.

A purposeful walk to the polling booths for many.

A very different Pame Bazaar to the one we arrived at.

But time to leave.

Can't say enough good things about Erich and Overland Camping.

Everything we needed, nothing we didn't. Everyone helping everyone else.

We took the Tansen road.

South to the Indian border.

Looking back at Pokhara.

Dhaulagiri on the left and Annapurna on the right.

We'll return to Nepal in about 5 weeks.

Then we'll spend some time looking at mountains.

Our last night in Nepal.

A roadside campsite NE of Tansen.

Not too far from Limbini, birthplace of Buddha.

Leaving Nepal to Varannasi, Uttar Pradesh, India Week 138 November 22nd - 24th 2013

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