Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India Week 140 December 1st 2013
We are still in Khajuraho. Once the Chandela capital.

And so to the eastern group of temples.

The Jain temples.

Very similar but subtly different.

This is the Adinath Temple.

Much smaller than those of the western group.

Built in the 11th century. The porch has been repaired.

Internally the inner sanctum has an idol.

The Jains are non-violent.

That's no violence towards anything living.

Either subjective or objective.

But before I got my head round that I was still looking for how the stones are put together.

None the wiser though. I still haven't seen a mortice or a tenon.

Ghandi, well known for non-violent political protest, was of course heavily influenced by Jainism, though not a Jain himself.

Is it my imagination or are the carvings less deep.

We've moved to the Pasvanatha Temple.

Distinctive with 'windows'.


And less erotic.

Which of course must be my imagination .....

There are also more carvings depicting episodes in everyday life.

Like removing thorns from feet ...

Look up and the roof is ornate.
The distinctiveness of the sanctum idol is repeated.
And a quick look back at the Adinath Temple.

Adinatha was the founder of Jainism.

A rather old religion.

At one time the state religion for some states of India. In decline since the 8th century.

A little oppressed by Muslim and Hindu but there are still around four million in India.

We've seen a couple but weren't quick enough with camera.

The Jains are wont to walk the world naked.

This imposing figure is in the exhibition of Jainism next to the temples.

We decided to walk both ways.

A round trip of about 5 km.

Past hotels, shops, stalls, and persistent tuk-tuk drivers.

More isolated stones in the hotel grounds.

We are non the wiser about construction techniques.

We've stayed at the Tourist Village.

Operated by the Madhya Pradesh Tourist Authority.

Just our sort of car park.

Lots of interest, lots of help, and very friendly.

The pipe is delivering water at just the same rate as its being pumped into our tanks.

Orccha, Madhya Pradesh, India Week 140 December 2nd - 4th 2013

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