Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India Week 140 December 5th - 6th 2013
Our approach to India is a bit different to most countries.

Our visa is for 3 months. We are describing a loop instead of crossing the country. And our deadline for Myanmar is sufficiently far away that its having no real influence. Though it will keep us in the north of India.

So we are moving when we want to rather than when we have to. 

Some people built some railways.

This is Gwalior Junction.

We went for a walk to the 'fort'.

Past a rubbish strewn drain.

This is the entrance at the bottom of the hill.
Much older than the '50s ducks that used to fly across the interior walls of English houses.
Its called a fort. But basically another walled town.

This is the Man Singh Palace straddling the entrance.

Built around 1508 by the Tamar King.

An odd sort of building that we didn't thoroughly explore.

Two storeys are "underground".

No paintings.

Looks like carved marble to us.

Scindia School.

Occupies about half of the citadel.

School for Indian nobility.

Closed to us.

Further along inside the citadel the Teli Ka Mandir.


We found our way to the wall. Strangely fenced off for most of the way.
India always seems to be pushing at us. Hassling us. Trying to hussle us.

But that may be par of a veneer for tourists.

We watched this school group for a while. Fascinated by the relatively orderly behaviour.

Teachers well in control.

Having walked round most of the circumference of the citadel we were back at the Man Singh Palace.

I managed to collide with a bit of barbed wire strung across a path. A bit of blood from the scalp.

And a bit of concern from passing Indians.

There's more to the country than pushy tuk-tuk drivers!

A quick look at the exit from the walls.
We'd planned to stay at the Tansen Residency. Another Tourist Authority hotel. 

There was a wedding so we stayed at the Central Park Hotel (car park).

It was as if they hadn't had a motorhome in their car park previously.

Which meant they didn't ask us for money.

We celebrated our wedding anniversary in their restaurant. 

Indian food from the buffet, without any allowance for our untrained palates. 

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India Week 140 -141 December 7th - 11th 2013

Ian & Jan Fri, 13 Dec 13 06:57:58 +1100
Congratulations on your Wedding Anniversary we hope it was a really nice meal you had as your plates look very full and appetising!
Best wishes
Ian & Jan

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