Pokhara and Sarankot, Nepal Weeks 145 - 148 January 11th - February 1st 2014
We carried on east, on good roads.
With the occasional slow narrow bit.
We've been this way before as we exited Nepal from Pokhara.
But its a different time of year. The fields are showing signs of the next crop.
The air is also a trifle clearer.
And somewhere in the distance is Erich's Overlander Camping at Pame.
The birds have changed.

This is as close as we got to this flock.

And of course back to cleaning.
In Jaisalmer I had aches and pains in upper legs which made it quite painful to walk. And energy sapping.

It hasn't gone away, though it hasn't become worse.

However, not being sure what it is we confined ourselves to short walks. 

This was just a couple of hours up and down the local lookout.

A better view than last time.

Though this is one of the few days clear of the haze of pollution.

Truck is in the right hand lower corner of campground.

Just us and Leo (Swedish).

It would be nice to be in the middle of the mountains.

But alas no.

We'll just have to use the zoom.

We can see how the rice paddies are laid out.

With a straight path across the middle.

A few days later we took a 6 hour walk further up the valley and up the side.

But this is about as near as we got to a view of mountains.

Though interesting colours and shapes.
We've climbed about 1,000m.

Feeling tired.

Aches haven't gone away.

So we contented ourselves with cleaning.

And picking stones out of the treads.

Cleaning isn't easy.

The muscle aches from last time weren't muscle aches at all.

Looks like pinched nerves in my neck. Quite painful and a bit of difficulty sleeping.

The "straw" was probably the first crowded bus ride into Pokhara which saw me standing with neck bent for low roof and arms up high holding on to roof bars.

Plus of course driving day after day would have set me up nicely.

Veggies came to us.
We said farewell to the Indian Pond Heron.

Pinocchio was still around also.

Completed our Nepalese flora education by observing the growth around the campfire.
And set off for Sarankot.

Arriving just in time for sunset.

Then walked back up to the Sarankot Tower lookout for sunrise, though a bit late.

We haven't lost all of our fitness. But the stiffness and pain aren't getting any better.

At last though, a glimpse of a few mountains.

We think Macchapuchare (fish tail) in the middle. Annapurna on the left.

In case you missed it here it is again.
The guy running down the road is anxious to save his water pipe.

We drove over it on the way up.

He's tied it further up in the trees and wants to help us get under it.

We are appropriately embarrassed.

Did we really drive up this?
Apparently so.

We are headed to Kathmandu to apply for Myanmar and Thailand visas.

Kathmandu, Nepal Week 149 February 2nd - 7th 2014

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