To Kalimeyo, Myanmar Week 151 February 20th - 21st 2014
Waiting, waiting ....

Yannuck had a beer with a convenient Indian Customs official. Gathered up some passports and returned with them stamped for exit. Joern's Indian organiser worked behind the scenes.

We'll move across the otherwise closed border around 3pm.

Movement towards Moreh.
On the Myanmar side immigration was a batch process and took a while.

Carnet was 2 minutes each.

Jorn is near his vehicle talking to Ali.

The party leaving Myanmar have just left.

Pinching ourselves a bit. This sort of crossing wasn't permitted when we first investigated 3+ years ago.

Being so late we headed towards Tamu, a short distance, for the night.

Still signs of Christian Churches, but not the promotion.

A tight fit into the football field, with someone to lift the cables.
Just around the corner is a very nice Myanmar restaurant.

Memories of China.

The "maitre d'" chose for us.

Early morning.

There are birds singing in the trees.

And time to pull water from the well with bucket and rope / pulley.
Just across the road is a large market.


Now we are traveling in a convoy there is a bit of organisation.

The master map is taped to the vehicle.

"Highlighter's ready".

First impression of Myanmar is - less populated, and more finished. Things look more sort of square. Less dusty.
At last. Something non-Christian.
Following day we drove about 120km to Kalimeyo.

The India-Myanmar friendship highway that parallels the border.

Numerous single lane bridges. Just like Aus bridges.

We are in a wide valley.

Forest clad hills either side.

And logging trucks.

We let it slip that we have a gps that is working in Myanmar.

One of the several motorhomes following us.

Navigation not an issue though. We are expected, and directed.


If only we knew what sunflower seed oil is so we can buy some for cooking.

We're not good at miming!

Parked a bit tightly in a motel car park in Kalimeyo.

The sign at the entrance to town was nice to see.

The bank that changes money was closed, but one of the shops changed all our Indian Rupees.

Tomorrow is a 6am start with 12 hours of slow mountain roads.

Instant Smiles, Kalimeyo to Monywa, Myanmar Week 151 February 22nd 2014

Ian & Jan Tue, 25 Feb 14 19:05:03 +1100
Very sorry to read about your pinched nerve and the problems caused by it as well as the electronics 'fault' which must have been horrendous to resolve. While we hope the health issue is clearing up, it seems like you are having to put in some long days travelling through Myanmar, but I guess that is due to being in a convoy.
Good luck and we really hope the pinched nerve gets 'un-pinched' very soon!

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