Towards Inle (Inlay), Myanmar Week 152 February 27th 2014
We left Bagan early.

Wondering why the zone half way up a pole was plastic bag free.

Though it was nice to have visited a "tidy town".

There must be a competition to see which road builder can build the most lavish toll gates.

Given the complexity of the vehicle classification system, and the lack of a motorhome or similar classification, we are inevitably embroiled in lengthy discussion about which class we belonged to.

The tolls mount up.

Just a glimpse of grinding grain.
Feeding the monks has become a tourist attraction in Bagan.

One which we avoided.

But having risen early we passed this on the road.

The women with bowls of rice stand at the roadside. The monks move along taking a little from each.

We are leaving the Irrawaddy Valley and crossing to the Sittaung Valley.
With occasional smaller rivers.

We are not sure if this floats or is ornamental.

Inle is at 900m. Up through the hills (that form the eastern edge of the Irrawaddy Valley) we reach 1300m.
Still hot and humid.
Just right for bananas.
We wonder what is being burned. And why.
Kalaw is a modern town.
With a modern toll gate to the high land road.
Somewhere down there is Inle. And the lake.
We begin to see patches of water, all connected, well before the town of Nyaungshwe.
The main town at the head of the lake.
Football field camping.

And an assembly of "experts" interested in why brakes bind and get hot.

Dinner at the Lotus Room.

Not our best choice. A little bland and overcooked meat.

Inle (Inlay), Myanmar Week 152 February 28th 2014

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