Taman Negara Perlis State Park and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Week 156 - 157 March 25th - April 2nd 2014
Our carnet expires on 28th March.

We will extend it in Kuala Lumpur on 27th March.

Which means a longish drive.

But, something we haven't seen for a while.

White line marking.

And a different sort of road furniture.
Rawai Beach was our first camp site in Thailand.

Just on three years ago.

Crossing the Thailand - Malaysia border was painless.

Perhaps we've just had a bit of practice.

We stopped at Taman Negra Perlis State Park, about 1km after the border.

Tropical rain forest.


With prickly stuff.

That almost blocked the short nature trail.

Carefully labeled, as is the case with nature trails.

This is thoughtfully labeled "rock".

Limestone. In this area its been turned almost vertical.

We camped in the car park of the park headquarters.
Next day south past the limestone to Taman Alam Nature Park at Kuala Selangor.
A long day, we started at dawn.
We saw the palm oil plantations three years ago.

Taking  a different route to Kuala Selangor we were in continuous plantations for hours.

We parked outside Taman Alam Nature Park. A policy change meant we couldn't park overnight inside.

And so to a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Just the bureaucracy of shipping.

Stopped at AA Malaysia on the way to our hotel. Extremely helpful, well beyond the call of duty.

We rapidly became bored with TV.

Hooked the netbook to the tv to watch our movie collection on a big screen.

The clever electronic light control is a bit sensitive. Or maybe the room is haunted.

From the 19th floor.

It seems everyone in the hotel knows who we are, and knows the truck in the car park is ours.

All are most helpful.

One small incident .. I needed to beat the exhaust cap back into shape. Next to hotel car park is small car workshop. I sauntered in with bent bit. No common language, but a few seconds of suspicion then "is that your truck?" then big smiles and shown to the bench vice.

Least helpful it seemed was our Malaysian shipping agent.

Having first asked for a cleaning company in February we arrived to none. Which meant that shipping couldn't be booked.

This was organised with the help of the local Mitsubishi/Fuso Truck dealer after I asked where they had used vehicles cleaned for resale. They helped with the translation of what we needed.

Several hours. Everything "soft"out from inside. Eerything out of the lockers.

Pulled the fridge out a bit, and killed the ants living behind it.

Doctor reckoned "frozen shoulder". Provided some interesting gentle shoulder manipulation and some non-steroid anti inflammatories.

I can now tie my shoe laces without having to think about it.

Still very painful, and difficult to use arms at anything above shoulder height, but looks like I'll survive until some longer term treatment in Aus.

Not quite ready for Aus Quarantine inspection, it will probably need cleaning again in Aus.

But a good start.

Still from the 19th floor.

We are in Petaling Jaya, part of the Klang Valley, which includes Kuala Lumpur.

Roads are good, but traffic is dense. Drivers are polite.

With the help of our gps we are finding our way around.

Next step is customs and handing vehicle over for shipping. Book a flight, and fly home.

Canberra and Brisbane, Australia Week 157 - 164 April 3rd - May 17th 2014

Ian & Janice Thu, 03 Apr 14 07:37:19 +1100
Boo Hoo! We will truly miss following you folks around, while hoping that you have a good trip back to Aus and your home for 3 years also has a good sea crossing.
I guess at the time you will be leaving Malaysia we will be heading for Eurotunnel on our trip to Croatia & Bosnia Herzegovina, but that will last 3 months not 3 years!
Best wishes
Ian & Jan

Peter Murray Thu, 03 Apr 14 10:59:33 +1100
I have enjoyed following your wonderful journey. The photos have been great and you will have some memories that will last forever. You will have to take time settling in when you get home we do after 5-6 months on the road let alone 3 years.

All the very best, Peter

Doug Thu, 03 Apr 14 11:40:04 +1100
We have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog from here to there and back and thank both of you for sharing this with all of us. It has truly been quite inspirational. Best wishes for the journey home.

Regards Doug and Jackie

Wayne Morton Thu, 03 Apr 14 15:44:10 +1100
I too have greatly enjoyed following your adventures for the past three years and wanted to say thank you for sharing it all along the way. I truly hope to be able to do a similar multiyear travel adventure with my family around the world in the next few years. Your travelogue has been an inspiration. Thanks again and many wishes for more safe travels and good health on your return to Australia.


Babette et Jean Jaques  Fri, 04 Apr 14 06:59:11 +1100
Merci pour le partage de votre voyage, vous Ítes formidables.
Bon retour en Australie
Jean Jacques et Babette (Merzouga)

Linda Marshall Thu, 10 Apr 14 12:25:46 +1000
I have very recently found your site. The photos and descriptions of your travels have given me much enjoyment. I'm sure the memories you have made will be wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I wish I'd found you earlier. Wishing you all the best on your return to Oz. Get plenty of the three 'R's', Rest, relax and recuperate.

Linda & Collin

Ian C Sat, 12 Apr 14 05:27:31 +1000
Guys - Thanks for the great adventure. I really enjoyed following your adventures. I hope the shoulders sort themselves soon.

Tony LEE Sat, 12 Apr 14 12:20:31 +1000
"Get plenty of the three 'R's', Rest, relax and recuperate." ------ and then come to America.

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