Cascades, Namadji, Petty Beach and North Head Year 6 - February 2016 - March 2016
More rest. Headed south to Cooma from Braidwood to visit a friend.

The Cascades Campsite and Tuross Falls are in Wadbilliga National Park.

I think. There's a bit of a maze of national park and wilderness area.

A pleasant walk to the falls. A few km.
And a glimpse of Tuross Falls.

No amateur archeological commentary this time.

Totally flumoxed.

Just not granite or sandstone!

With regulation goanna back at the campsite.
Returning north towards Canberra we seem to always comment on this roadside collection of post boxes.
A quick visit to Namadgi National Park.

We enjoy the easy walk along the floor of Orroral Valley.

This time we ventured into the Nursery Swamp.

A smaller valley. Few kangaroos.

We walked to the head of the valley.

Next day Booroomba Rocks.

Looking towards Canberra.

Definitely granite!

Unfortunately an achilles tendon decided to play up a bit.

Limped back to camp.

A few weeks rest. It seems to have come right.

May be a relatively common side effect of medication. Two steps forward, one back.

The seaside is always good for a rest.

This is Pretty Beach.

A bit of hobbling to the beach and back from the campsite.

Not quite warm enough for us to swim.

At least that's our excuse.

A bit more hobbling along the tops.
Getting mixed up between beaches.

We moved to North Head.

Looking north.
Looking south.
Looking down.

We ventured along the rocks.

Nearly looking up!

But really nice were the tangled spotted gums.

And we think Budawangs.

Just enough sunlight on our camp to recharge batteries.

A couple of meals, and interminable cups of coffee, cooked on the campfire.


Looking north again.
We didn't tire of the forest.
Or the eagle that visited the beach.
Eventually the clouds lifted and the sun shone through.
And we found the end of the headland.

Even though it wasn't lost.

Batemans Bay is to the right.

Which meant good internet.

We moved again to Depot Beach.

Then walked over the headland south.

Still hobbling a bit. We decided against walking too much further along the beach.

But did find this yellow robin.
And the sunrise at Depot Beach.
Then back to North Head.


It seems to be more or less central, accessible, with internet for planning, and few people.

Just nice watching the birds.
Bendethera Year 6 - March 2016

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