Waukaringa to Flinders May 12-13 2017
Waukaringa is an old, abandoned, gold mine and smelter.
The smelter chimney still stands.
As does one of several furnaces.

I'll have to research gold smelting.

The chimney is an unusual design.

There's a long section of flue running up the side of the hill before the chimney.

Several joins of flues from furnaces.


We are trying to get into the habit of early starts.

The building in the middle distance is the old hotel.

Population of the town about 950 at its peak.

Getting warmer.

The telescopic pole for internet modem proved its worth again.

There was evidence of a crusher, and setting ponds beyond the vehicles.

A stone thrown into the mine shaft suggested a couple of hundred feet - with the usual discussion about bouncing and maths.

then north west towards Hawker.
first sight of the Flinders.
getting closer.
from Peter, the geological explanation of the soft tops of raised mountains eroded to show the escarpment and tilted layers of sandstone and other rocks. 
with some siltstone and limestone mixed up in Brachina Gorge.

We camped in Parachilna Gorge.

Farina to Beresford May 14-15 2017

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