Oodnadatta to Eringa May 18-19 2017
Fill up with diesel.

The further north the more expensive.

Most expensive will be Mt Dare.

No "nice" water available here though.

Some rain further south.

We saw signs, and dark clouds, and a few spots, but nothing serious.

We just enjoyed the contrasting colours.
Headed towards Eringa and Mt Dare we wondered whether the grader driver was drunk.
Shortly before Eringa.

The uprights are substantial. The construction is a bit unusual.

One thing for sure. Nothing was going to escape once inside (and the gate closed).

Eringa Homestead ruins.

And your quiz question for this evening ....... "what is the function of the structure on the left?".

We assume it was once thatched.

To the left of the kitchen building is a rusty kerosene fridge. One of three.

Either lots were required or they failed frequently.

Two motorhomes just right of centre.

I walked up the road we will take in the morning.

Well, next morning but one ... we had a rest day.

Some signs of rain.

But it evaporated before landing.

Eringa waterhole is a billabong.

To the south east is a string of billabongs.

Permanent large waterholes in an otherwise arid landscape.

And cattle stations.


Lots of birds around the waterhole.

We surprised this owl a few times.

The waterhole at dawn.

A single line of river red gums on each side.

A row of acacias behind.

One of several resident whistling kites.

We saw them catch the occasional fish.

Or rather, saw them occasionally catch a fish ....!

A walk to the end of the billabong to look back.

We'd had a discussion about which side was best for camping. 

We chose the north (right from here) side.

For no apparent reason.

Another of those kites.
Mt Dare and Dalhousie Springs May 20-21 2017

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