Fraser Island - Govi, Central Station and Ungowa August 7 - ? 2017
Our first sight of Fraser Island.

Half a day's drive north of home. And its taken 25 years to get here.

We are camped at Inskip Point. A hop skip and a jump to the ferry.

Ferry ticket purchased at the Rainbow Beach Office along with vehicle permit.

This campsite booked through internet as we arrived. Booked the first few days on the island.

Spent the afternoon watching the traffic.
Hopefully all our campsites will be this pleasant.

Sand between our toes.

Space for us on the ferry. Less than 10 minutes wait.
The island is sand.

Biggest sand island in the whole big wide world.

Which means a bit of driving on beaches.

About 125 km long and varies from 4 to 24 km wide.

Govi campsite is the first beach camping after the ferry.

About 28km.

Now we are experts at driving on the beach. Stay on the harder sand nearer the water.

The dunes are sort of stepped. 

A new dune grows parallel to the beach. Colonised mostly by a grass that has long runners.

The dune behind that is taller, and has casuarinas nearest the sea and banksias a little further back.

An here we look south.

Its a long beach.

Mostly sand. Very little rubbish or driftwood.

Just occasional shells. Though we didn't expect to find a cowrie.

Dingoes are ever present.

These two were just walking along the track behind the dunes. Just like us.

Didn't seem interested in us.

There are lots of signs about how to not feed dingoes, or even leave food around.

A few years ago now there were a couple of people killed by dingoes on separate occasions.

We are cautious but it looks like controlling humans may have solved the problem.

We placed the rear window as close to the sea as we could.
We can hear the birds. But they are elusive.

This one stopped for a snack at the banksia.

The lie of the dunes means creeks trying to reach the sea can run parallel to the beach for a while.

This forms a small barrier lake.

They can be driven across where they meet the waves.

We remembered the bird book this time.

We bought a second one to keep in the truck.

Now all we have to do is read it.


To Central Station.

Scribbly gums as the sand hills and the vegetation became taller.

We decided to walk to Lake McKenzie.

About 13km round trip.

Just a goanna along the way.

Basin Lake.

The bottom of the lake is sealed with rotting vegetation.

We are way above sea level.

Its a "perched" lake.

With a few ducks on the very clear water.
We walked around it.

Most strange to us. We didn't quite expect such clear water.

Central Station was a logging camp.

There are signs of some very big trees having been felled.

A few not quite so big still standing.

And lots of regrowth.

Lake McKenzie.

Definitely no food at the lakeside.

The hikers' campsite has a fence.

The shore without people.

Stunning colours.

We've watched the procession of tour buses and tagalong 4wd tours.

They even have their own special bus park.

Back at Central Station.

A bit tired as the sand in the track is a bit soft.

There's a King Palm next to the creek.

We had to look closely to see the ripples on the surface of very clear water in the creek.

Forever onward.

Rather than run the engine to recharge the batteries at the campsite we decided to move.

We towed a small AWD with a "funny noise" to the ferry at Wanggoolba Creek.

And emptied cassette at the dump point.

Then down to Ungowa.

Our vehicle is a bit taller than most.

A few struggles with overhanging branches.

Had to take the long way round for the last few hundred meters.

We are on the west side of the island.


And an old Australia Post underground telephone cable sign.
Abandoned houses at Ungowa.

There's a tracking solar panel for power. Presumably radio communications through the tall mast.

Just an idle couple of days at the campsite.

Room for two camper trailers or walk in camping.

We decided we are a camper trailer.

Fraser Island - Poyungan to Sandy Cape August 15 - 18 2017

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