Fraser Island - to Eugarie and Winnam August 23 2017
Driving on Fraser Island relies on some knowledge of the tides.

We are waiting for the tide to go out a bit.

This driver decided not to wait.

Just getting feet wet. As long as he keeps moving the sand is solid enough.

In the meantime we caught a glimpse of dolphins.

We knew where they were as the fish they were chasing jumped out of the water.

We go moving about 10am, as planned.

We've had internet at every camp spot with the help of our 5m mast and modem at the top.

So we can look at the tide tables.

The way south. once we rounded the cape.

We have to return the same way we came.

But we stopped to climb to the top of the dunes (at least 5m).

We could see the lighthouse, but this is looking west across rolling dunes.

There are more lakes at this end of the island. But since there were no trees to remove there are no tracks.

Ngkala South rocks.

The tide is a bit high still for us to climb back the way we came.

Also the high spring tides just passed have washed some sand away.

The by-pass track (to the right) has a couple of vehicles stuck in soft sand.

After an hour or so a couple of vehicles came through the same way we used when we were heading north.

Easier to gauge the waves and avoid getting feet wet this way.

The rock is "coffee rock". Sand loosely held together by organic compounds (from plants). Covered and uncovered as the coastline changes.

We eventually let some more air out of the tyres and followed the by-pass track. A bit bouncy for us but relatively easy due to our clearance.

A quick drive into Ocean Lake and a 1km walking circuit.

This lake is the closest to the sea and has a creek flowing that way.

A quick stop at Champagne Pools. A couple of swimming pool sized natural pools.

This is looking from the headland above them towards Waddy Point.

We stopped at Eugari for the night.

Good enough internet at the top of the pole  for phone calls.

When the tide had gone out far enough we headed south.

There are areas where planes land. And take off, as this one is doing.

Not really impressed with the signage. But we stopped anyway.

Past the Maheno again.
We stopped at Winnam.

This Banksia is sheltered by the Casuarinas and a small dune.

I was too busy taking the photograph to see the splash.
Most of what I saw was a couple of whales using their tales to splash the surface of the water.

Spectacular even at great distance.

When they weren't splashing around (why do they do that?) they were progressing steadily northwards.

Their annual migration.

Fraser Island - Valley of the Giants) August 24 2017

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